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The opposition view: Manchester United

Filed: Monday, 1st October 2018
By: Staff Writer

This one probably doesn't need bigging up - simply enjoy the filth and the fury from the North, in reaction to Man Utd's defeat at West Ham Utd in your latest edition of the OV...

"Thatís the worst performance this season by a mile. Players have no confidence or belief in what their tactics as a team or individuals is supposed to be. Imagine getting overrun and outplayed by West Ham? The marking for West Hamís third goal, never mind the time and space Noble had to play the pass, Jesus Christ. This is only going to get worse."
- GarethB48

"West Ham played their way and won with ease. We went to West bloody Ham worried about them, doing all these bizarre tactical switches and got embarrassed."
- Judas

"Jose out. Clueless line-up, substitutions and tactics. Outplayed by fecking West Ham. Every single player was incredibly shite today. We are at that stage where our rivals start to take pity on us. Grim indeed."
- LoneStar

"Wolves was bad, Derby was very very bad. This was as bad as it gets. Worse points total at this stage of the season since 1990. Defensive tactics and shipping goals all over the place. Players look like they are playing in a fog. This is worse than Moyes now. Time to act. Time to go."
- rpitchfo

"What's really telling is when teams are practically taking the piss out of us when they're on ball. What we USED to do to teams ourselves. I don't think West Ham had to really exert themselves to get the points. We're in freefall. Absolutely gutted."
- Bobbins

"All three West Ham goals were dubious at best. Offside, fluke and a foul in the build up, so Jose's got a point there but that doesn't excuse how bad we were. Everyone is just milling around kind of doing their own thing. I refuse to believe this is their level. We saw a team that ran away with the Prem collapse into mediocrity under Moyes, so it shows that the manager can have a devastating effect on a squad. I think he's on borrowed time now. It's going to take a miracle to turn this around and there's absolutely no signs of that happening."
- Ibrahimorich

"It's lucky that we only conceded three, in the first 10 minutes it looked like we gonna be like down to 4+, thank God West Ham is West Ham and got scared till second half to actually hurt us. I do hope JM leaves and someone new comes or gets appointed as manager among staff before we play Juve."
- bktm

"The inevitability about the result was the most depressing thing today. As soon as West Ham scored I just shrugged my shoulders and laughed. The whole thing is so so fecking predictable at this point. Nearly every team we come up against outplay us. If that isn't the most damning thing you can say about our manager, i don't know what is."
- BusbyMalone

"Full credit to the Hammers. They played great football. I don't understand how they were so poor to start off the year. But us? WTF was the strategy? Right from kick-off they seemed to be fine to stay back and try to soak up the pressure as if they were playing Barca! The craziest thing about Jose is that his teams are always accused of playing boring but competently defensive football, yet we cannot defend if our lives depended on it. The United defence has been lazy, inept and uncaring for the last couple of years. Today combine that with ball watching and we made West Ham look like City. A truly pathetic performance. Jose has to go, its over!"
- Red1968

"I'm hoping fellow fans don't concentrate on any comments Mourinho makes after the game. The issues are: he's not coaching us properly; his man management is terrible; and his constant drama is dragging the whole club down. There's no chance he turns this around, so no need to wait any longer.
- Jazz

"I just can't get over how fecking easy it seems to be playing against us, it looks like every team we face are playing FIFA on easy mode while we go out drunk and have two players missing from the line up. I'm not asking us to play like Bayern or Real but we should at least be able to play almost as good as West Ham, no?
- Zlaatan

"The worst game I've ever seen us play. Easily worse than Moyes' game against Fulham. I've lost all hope. All excitement for football. All respect for Jose and the majority of the players. I won't be putting this club first anymore. I won't be planning my weekends around them because what is the point? Why waste my time and money to watch players, a manager and a board that don't give a shit about the fans and the performances? I won't be changing my stance until things change, either."
- caino

"Having given myself some time to cool off (it didn't work!), while I wouldn't particularly miss Jose if he were to go, the real blame lies with the players. They don't get to choose who their boss is and purposely playing badly should result in immediate sacking. Who is to blame for the mess? Pogba would be more likely to win my heart and mind over had he played well for more than those 15 minutes at City last season; Sanchez has also hardly had a good game since joining us; Matic too is nowhere near the player he was a Chelsea. Lingard has gone off the boil and Martial is a joke, in my opinion. Where Jose must take some blame is the players he's brought in have not been up to United standard. And for the fact that he doens't seem to have a Plan B. I said it before the season started: the club is in a real mess. Real trouble is looming. Returning to Jose: if we were to lose to Valencia and Newcastle (they are truly rubbish), I think he'd be done. There would be no way back for him and I think the board would have to act."
- mitchmouse

"Jose bought some of the squad so must take a proportion of the blame. Iím not saying we are worse than West Ham or Derby, for Christ sake we are supposed to be Manchester United, we should be compared to Barca, RM, Bayern, Juve, even City. Iím sure Jose will pay the ultimate price but if you think Zidane or anyone else for that matter could get a tune out of this bunch you are kidding yourself."
- Sing you a song

"The fact is that we've played three teams this week that we should be beating. One newly promoted, and the other two with new managers and many new players (one manager a rookie). Not only did we fail to beat amy of them, they all played better football than us. It's unacceptable. Something is rotten at the club. We've spent a fortune to get us to this point. Jose has to go and go now, but nobody should fool themselves that it's going to be easy for any other manager. There are players here that are at least as culpable in this as Mourinho. The whole thing stinks."
- Bilbo

"Fuck it, let's get Tony Pulis . He knows the drill with the football and Fellaini and Lukaku up top. He can organise a defence, especially one that has been solid for the last four years. He won't put out a midfield kid as a CB in a key game under huge pressure, just to make some fucked up point. Most of all he has a lovely smile and a nice disposition and he has never had the opportunity to spend half a billion and pay players £500k a week to play hoof ball or go six at the back against West Ham..."
- jimmyq

"How do we contact Man United to get our concerns across? I've tried twitter and its been an hour without a reply."
- AbusementPark

"A positive from the game: I enjoyed watching West Ham. Very good football."
- WR10

* Comments originally posted at redcafe.net and republikofmancunia.com.

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