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West Ham vice chair accused of hypocrisy

Filed: Monday, 29th October 2018
By: Staff Writer

West Ham United vice chairman Karen Brady has been accused of "hypocrisy" by Sunday Times journalist Oliver Shah.

Shah - writing in response to the news that Brady's business associate Philip Green has been accused of bullying and intimidation in the workplace - accused the Baroness of hypocrisy as a result of her relationship with the Arcadia retail empire owner.

Baroness Brady, pictured with Sir Green

"From mid-December, Baroness Brady will be running a free series of online masterclasses advising women how to be more assertive in the workplace," wrote Shah. "Perhaps she could add a module on what to do if an overbearing boss makes inappropriate comments or unwanted sexual advances.

"After all, Karren Brady might have heard of some accusations such as those before last week: she chairs Taveta Investments, the holding company for the Arcadia Group retail empire where Sir Philip Green has allegedly roamed unrestrained for years, behaving like a beast airlifted from the 1980s and dropped into an enclosure where he is protected from the modern world.

"The rank hypocrisy of the way she positions herself as a role model for professional women - while working for a man who is obviously a misogynist - would be astonishing, had she not made a long career out of providing a veneer of acceptability for grubby men, starting with the pornographers David Sullivan and David Gold, who still employ her at West Ham United Football Club."

Journalist Shah, who made the accusations

Shah's extraordinary attack came 24 hours before Brady, who was made chairman of Arcadia holding company Taveta Investments in 2017 and has publicly championed women in the workplace, was due to make a statement on the allegations. That statement was yet to arrive at time of writing.

Green was exposed last week by Lord Hain, who used parliamentary privilege to unmask the Arcadia chairman in the House of Lords - where, ironically perhaps, Brady also sits occasionally in her role as Baroness of Knightsbridge - after Green had successfully imposed a media injunction.

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