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The opposition view: Newcastle Utd

Filed: Sunday, 2nd December 2018
By: Staff Writer

The Bigg Market was a slightly more sombre place to be on Saturday night after Newcastle were given a footballing lesson by Manuel Pellegrini's revitalised West Ham.

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"I can't get too down about losing (especially a game that we could have actually got something out of if we had took early chances) after three wins on the bounce. To do better than that is extremely difficult for even the best best teams in the league, and we are certainly nowhere near the very best. It is still disappointing to see how a club like West Ham can financially blow us out of the water and it was blatantly obvious on Saturday that spending decent money gets you much better players. All we have is the manager keeping us in this league."
- David Kelly

"Shite from start to finish. Amazing what spending £36mil on a player can do. Anderson the best player on the pitch, whilst Perez spurns six chances. Rafa will be more disappointed about the three-goal hit to the GD. The defence looked hopeless today. We should have stuck with 532 instead of putting that fucking donkey at LB."
- Kid Dynamite

"Benitez should take some of the blame. Why change the team and bring in a useless left back, who is really a useless right back after the decent performance in the Burnley game. Why persist in starting with Perez? Atsu does nothing and surely Murphy is worth a run out. Usual after match Rafa comments, can't fault the commitment and effort, could not ask more, just the final touch missing. How many times have we heard that. Sure he has a poor squad but why keep making the point when you do not utilise what you have?"
- The Owl

"I felt West Ham just got more confidence every time Perez fucked up in front of goal."
- Kevin Carr's Gloves

"I guess it’s not even worth saying anymore but it really is time Ashley just fucked off. You can see Benitez is really trying his best with how he sets the team up, and his instructions. You can often see how they are meant to play but there’s nothing he can do about this extreme lack of quality in the squad. Dreadful by the team today. Personally thought Diame was tragic nearly every time he won the ball back well he would almost immediately lose it, it’s not even worth discussing the games Perez and Manquillo had. Rafa knows they’re shit and yet we are still seeing the fuckers play every week because this fat, ugly, parasite that owns NUFC won’t let us bring anyone in."
- Howay

"Watch the Match of the Day highlights and concentrate on nowt else except Diame. A fuckin disgrace that he's anywhere near the first team with such an attitude.He doesn't give a fuck."
- essembeeofsunderland

"The best side won. Both teams with good managers, the difference being that one has invested in its squad - it´s as simple as that. Sad to see that the vast majority of 'supporters' today showed that they are happy with that."
- toptoon

"We've enjoyed a nice little run but things could be much worse! We needed that run and we got it. We've had a setback against West Ham or is it a reality check? For me I think we are what we are and that's a very ordinary asset-stripped team hoping for 17th or above. But we have a great manager keeping us in with a chance. It all has to start again in the next game. In Rafa we trust!"
- toonfalifekevbrown

" There's an empty seat next to me and my mate that used to be filled by my brother before he moved elsewhere, so it's been match ticket buyers for a few years as clearly no one's buying a season ticket on their own. Yesterday the seat was empty til the 11th, at which point this older guy walked out, sat down, promptly spent 3 more minutes looking at his phone and not the game, then immediately started ranting at Perez. Utter fuckwits. And again, he's not immune from criticism, but you don't boo your own players. The pathetic groans are bad enough, but cheering a substitution? Every last one of them should be banned from the ground."
- Colly

"No doubt the self-righteous 52,000 super loyal fans will blame the 11th minute (non) walk in for the three-nil defeat. Not the fact that by supporting Ashley the defeat is down to the shite squad/team that he has given them and they accept every week. In life more often than not you reap what you sow. Still, there is another relegation fight to look forward to."
- markylad74

* Comments originally posted at toontastic.net and Talk of the Tyne.

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