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The opposition view: Fulham

Filed: Monday, 17th December 2018
By: Staff Writer

It's all doom and gloom down by Putney Bridge right now, with the Cottagers propping up the rest of the Premier Division.

And West Ham didn't exactly help by rubbing salt into Fulham porous open qounds with a comfortable 2-0 win on Saturday. Find out how the natives responded in your latest edition of the OV...

"Let’s not single out any individuals, because they were all dreadful! For the first 10 minutes I had real hope this evening, right up until the missed one-on-one by Kamara. I genuinely can’t see where another win will come from this season. The lack of fight in this team is unbelievable. I hate to be so negative but can anyone see any positives to take from this evening?"
- fulhamexmouth

"Both goals were classic counter attacks, with us being caught out after nearly scoring. Our confidence was up, we really looked like scoring, but, again, were naïve in failing to keep defensive cover. We looked really good in that first quarter of the game, when we should have scored, but the goals seemed to knock the stuffing out of us. West Ham were there for the taking, and there wasn't such difference between the teams, except our terrible defending. We do have the wherewithal to get out of this, but at the moment we're not getting any breaks at all."
- RaySmith

"What positives can we take from that game? We looked good for the first 15 minutes and Chambers had another good game. Maybe we will win against Huddersfield in a few weeks time but it's hard to see us taking any other points for a while."
- filham

"The first goal against WHU was not helped by the unfortunate bounce from Odoi's challenge, but the real damage came from failing to track the runs from central midfield after any cutback. The second goal was two defenders going after the same man leaving another WHU player completely unmarked. That has been too familiar this season. WHU did not have to cope with so many swift counters from us."
- toshes mate

"What frustrated me most yesterday was that WHU's defence was also brittle and we completely failed to capitalise on it. I can't recall the last decent result against WHU, possibly Hugo scoring a late winner?"
- SP

"Odoi cannot play RB again. Simple. He hasn't played there last season, and now 2 matches back-to-back and it is clear. At fault for both chances that led to goals. On the second, he's not stepped up for the obvious cross, and because of all that time Mawson has to step forward to cut off a runner, while he leaves Ream to fend for himself against Chicarito. It's a chain reaction, but more like a virus, and Dennis Odoi at the RB spot is that virus. Also, within context, if Kamara converts two out of the four chances he has, it's a different story. However, he cracked under the pressure, and that is that."
- Matt10

"I feel really depressed about Fulham at the moment. It is getting worse week on week. Am I the only one that gets this emotional?"
- Berserker

"I know there's a lot of issues with the team at the moment, but does anyone else feel that our wing backs are the most glaring error on our team right now? I can't tell you quite what the matter is with this position but the ineptitude is beyond imagination. Watch West Ham's second goal, Joe Bryan is literally on the right side of the pitch - almost in a DM position. What on earth is he doing over there? How simple can it be to get our wingbacks to stay on their side of the pitch?"
- hopper

"Fulham are the Xmas club. We send joy to opposition attackers who know with a little pressure our so called defence will crack. To opposition midfielders who know that a hard sneeze or forceful fart will blow us away. Failing that Seri will give them the ball anyway
To opposition defenders who know they have to double mark Mitrovic and for the rest it's a day off. Merry Xmas Premiership."
- Vinnieffc

"When the performance, the results and the whole smell of the place falls to the level we are now before Xmas, we really do have a decision to make. I have no idea how much we could potentially spend but the team we are putting out at the moment is going down. In very basic terms, we need two very good players to replace two of our disjointed players. Two very good players at the start of the game against West Ham puts us about even stevens. Two Mitrovic level players for their position. To have any chance. In very simple terms, thats what we need. I was not that impressed with West Ham. With a bit more quality, we could have got on top of them and made it count."
- BedsFFC

"Never has there been a club more deserving of relegation than us. Fully deserve everything coming our way, to spend over a £100 million to make your team worse, is staggering. The Khans deserve to suffer relegation again, and if we're not careful it could happen again next season."
- Riversider

"For all our moaning we were on top and West Ham's goals were against the run of play. However missed opportunity after missed opportunity scuppered our chances."
- David I

"Cairney was linked with a couple of Prem teams last season but I think his 'stock' has dropped considerably over the last dozen or so games. It has been said on here several times that his captaincy skills are often lacking so I am not really sure where he goes from here. I had him down as one to watch during the transfer window as we have to keep an eye on the exit door as well but his performances of late makes a bid less likely. "
- ScalleysDad

"I'm getting Schurlle a bike for Xmas in the hope he cycles back to Dortmund. I don't think he wants to be here really, he thinks he too good for us."
- Mince n Tatties

"The owners have not learnt a bloody thing since our relegation from the Premier League in 2014. An inexperienced DOF, who has zero experience of top flight football, who has spent 100m quid, on what I call a bunch of ‘Rolls-Royce’ players, without spreading the love over the whole squad. Who in their right mind, believes that we can compete with the likes of Odoi, Ream, Christie, Kamara etc, in one of the best leagues in the World? If we are relegated I really hope Shahid removes Tony from his position as DOF, and has nothing to do with this Club further more. Merry Christmas!"
- Jimsbeerbelly

* Comments originally posted at Friends of Fulham.

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