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The opposition view: Southampton

Filed: Friday, 28th December 2018
By: Staff Writer

A set of sad Saints reflect on a disappointing evening in which West Ham once again had the upper hand in the latest edition of the OV...

"Well we lost and deservedly so. I saw a tired looking team outmuscled by a stronger, quicker outfit. Not really a surprise as the team is adjusting to a much tougher training regime, and new style of play. I believe Ralph is learning how poor his choices are and fully expect to see players leave in transfer window. I also hope that he is allowed to bring in some players from the Bundesliga that knows will improve our team. We need to give him time to sort out our team. He has shown he can do it previously so in him we must trust. I am disappointed by last night but above all I am now and always will be a Saints supporter."
- SFC Forever

"West Ham just did a job on us. It happened under Poch and it happened under Koeman. Sometimes, no matter how effective your game plan may be against most teams, some managers are just good enough to stifle it. From the off you could see we were slower moving the ball, McCarthyís distribution much slower, because West Ham knew exactly what we wanted to do and stopped it. The ref was shambolic and allowed them to waste time from the first minute so they could slow us down and break up play. As for Carroll, fucking hell I'm glad we donít have him in our team, would find it extremely difficult to enjoy watching us if we did. An absolute thug of the highest order and astonishing that he wasnít booked."
- saintwbu

"Not sour grapes but why didn't the referee book Fabianski for time wasting as early as the fifth minute? An early yellow card would put a stop to it from the beginning. Moan over for now."
- Valesaint

"Just got in from the game, disappointed to say the least! We seemed slow all over the pitch tonight, the lack of pace in our side is so clear to see. Credit to West Ham, they deserved the win. Their quality signing Anderson was a cut above everyone else, and they looked energetic and quick on the counter. Not sure about their first goal - from the family stand it looked hard and straight at the near post - both myself and my lad thought it may have been a suspect keeper moment - not seen a tv replay so may be doing McCarthy a disservice there. Need to recover quickly with City up next, hopefully our performance will be better (even if the outcome isnít....)"
- vectraman

"Pelligrini has them drilled how he had City drilled. The big difference is West Ham players donít have the 'money no object' finesse that he had with City, but he knows how to work with what he has. He has a winning pedigree he would never have got the job at City if he didnít. The players he has certainly ainít pretty but as we saw last night they are effective playing under him. In the past West Ham would have hoofed the ball over Ralphís system for players like Antonio to chase. Last night they bamboozled us with their liquid midfield formation, using the width of the pitch and pretty much bulldozed us to suit them. With us still learning a different style of playing when that style wasnít working we just resorted to our default setting for about the last season and a half, which as we witnessed is fairly inert. Which against their monsters at CB and our Kryptonite, Fabianski, between the sticks (as my mate alongside me said he canít recall him ever having a bad game against us) we were pretty much piddling into the wind."
- John Boy Saint

"West Ham had a plan and it worked. They targeted Ings, kicked him about a bit. Their defenders are big solid lumps who are quick on their feet. Diop and Antonio in particular. I though Antonio probably, along with Anderson, to be their best two players. Valery seemed out of his depth with this one against Anderson. We lacked pace which they had, and to let a goal in from a corner that you have taken is always pretty poor. Lemina has some, but not sure what his problem was last night. Maybe the PSG links are playing on his mind. Long has some, but can't control it."
- angelman

"West Ham had more speed and strength in every department, passed the ball quicker and more accurately, and had a player of significantly higher quality to finish off half of their decent chances (if Perez was sharper, the game would've finished in a drubbing). Anderson was expensive, sure, but he shows up Redmond's limitations quite dramatically. Our most creative player isn't anywhere near that level, either in pace or technique."
- verlaine1979

"If Declan Rice was seriously considering playing for England - where he was born and raised - I think he would've been in the system by now. The FA aren't known for their competence, but I doubt even they'd have let him slip through the net if they were getting any meaningful encouragement from his side. His Dad's Irish and wants him to play for Ireland. I'd say it's pretty much a done deal. Don't worry, though, we'll still have Eric Dier..."
- qwertyell

"For all the moaning about the ref, no one is complaining that he wrongly allowed our goal to stand..."
- Batman

"Lets assume that Craig Pawson had got the decision right and disallowed our goal. Let's also assume that he noticed Bednarek being rugby-tackled in the penalty area at the corner which led to their second goal. Their second would have been disallowed and we would have had a penalty. I would have preferred competent, consistent reffing to the mess that we saw on Thursday night."
- Tamesaint

"Is it too much to ask for some consistency in refereeing? Fine if he's going to let the carthorse Carroll get away with industrial level thuggery, provided that he allows our players the same. He didn't."
- Wes Tender

"I was impressed with West Ham, pace and power in abundance. Their defence was streets ahead of Arsenalís when they played us, and the whole side are a different level than Huddersfield. So it was a lot harder than the previous two. We were ponderous going forward and when we did get into good situations our delivery was woeful. The keeper is starting to wind me up, way too causal, but I didnít think he had a chance with the second. A bad day at the office."
- Lord Duckhunter

* Comments orginally posted at saintsweb.co.uk and Twitter.

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