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The opposition view: Birmingham City

Filed: Monday, 7th January 2019
By: Staff Writer

If they'd had their way 15 years or so back, West Ham's current Board might never have arrived in east London.

Before plans to develop a stadium and sporting village on grounds in Saltley were scrapped, Sullivan, Gold and Brady has big ideas for Birmingham (as was the case a few years later with Cardiff). So unsurprisingly perhaps, this week's OV is dominated by comments relating to West Ham's Stratford home...

"Ideally it would have finished at only 1-0. But to go out today was necessary. Well done Blues on making them a nervous wreck for 90 minutes. We more than matched a Premier League team. We all know that we are going places with this team even if we have to sell a certain somebody. And well done to the travelling fans today. Were very very loud and witty. Erupted when they started singing about bubbles towards the end. Keep right on."
- Shakespeare

"We gave them one hell of a match. Should have scored when we had that 15-minute period of high pressure in the second half but throughout the match the ball never bounced for us. During that period they were hanging on by their fingernails and looked more knackered than us. Great performance."
- spionkop

"This may be an unpopular opinion, but not having to play a replay is a godsend and that performance will have the lads' confidence through the roof, regardless of result. Other than winning, of course, the way the game went today was probably the best possible outcome for our league efforts. We'll spank Boro next week and Monk will get Pulis sacked, poetic justice."
- David Xavis

"What was the reasoning behind the large contingent of late arrivals 10 minutes+ into the game and the huge number of fans standing in the gangways (ticketless)? The stewards were getting well wound up and I thought it was going to kick off a few times, especially in the first half and at the end of the match. Not complaining by the way, just wondering the reason. Thought the stewarding and policing overall was very poor today inside and outside the ground and I got the impression they were struggling to cope with the amount of passion/aggression of some of our away fans. Hope it isn't like that every home match. Goodness knows what it will be like there if they ever play Millwall in the future."
- NotFitToLaceDeanPeersBoots

"That stadium West Ham are in. It's not a great ground for football and the whole organisation around it is an absolute shambles. I was truly amazed by what a poor set-up it is to access and get away from. I thought it would be as easy as pie and it should be. But the whole thing honestly seems designed to put people off from ever visiting the ground again. Still. Sully got it for nothing so he's happy. Sod the fan experience."
- Spike

"West Hamís move to LS was done purely to line the pockets of their despicable owners. That was never more evident than on Saturday. One of the worst away experiences Iíve ever had. A soulless athletics stadium mascarading as a football ground, with useless accessibility and (mostly) really poor views. There is no way Iíd endure that degree of hassle and wasted time every fortnight. StAns is not ideal, but itís sufficient and itís home."

"The impression online is that Stratford station is a stone's throw away, anticipating a 15 minute walk weaving your way around shopping centres and bridges its longer than the walk from new street to our place. Then the bottle neck with security - what a pain in the arse. I will give them credit for having plenty of food and drink serving points though."
- TrevorFrancisTrackSuits

"We were upper tier, feckin miles back. We were in Row 67 and the nearest goal was where the halfway line would be from row 18 of The Tilton. That's the matchday experience they wanted for us at the NEC, they can keep it. The Gollivans and Brady have ruined their home games. If we play them again I'll be in no rush to go."
- Rab C Nesbitt

"For a new stadium it was crap - highlights were the hot dogs - how long were those sausages? There is no way you could get a proper atmosphere going in there due to the split in the stand and the acres of tarpaulin. What was clear is that the Gollivans have absolutely sold the soul of West Ham, and that is what we could have become. West Ham Utd -> Sullivan FC, the owners probably go home at night look at the accounts and think they are doing a great job but only for themselves. I cannot think a single West Ham fan is pleased with what they have become. Best song of day? You're not West Ham any more."
- Robert Hopkins

"Policing. What a shambles. Actively forcing every Blues fan beneath an underpass swarming with Cockney yobs. Like lambs to the slaughter. The problem with football policing at its worst, is that it treats every one of us like a Stone Island-wearing mouth breather. I just want to get home!"
- Tresor

"I was sat in the West Ham end with a West Ham uni buddy. All I heard was Blues singing loud and proud. There were maybe two or three 'Irons' and 'Forever Blowing Bubbles'. Very very poor from the West Hammers. Then having to have post game beers in a fecking shopping centre? No thanks! They had stewards with go and fecking stop signs to control the fans afterwards, and everyone obeyed! All in all being a West Ham fan can't be as very enjoyable matchday experience."

"Taking into consideration it was an early kick-off and had no retort from the home supporters I thought it was decent - with a few moments of very good, nothing to get too carried away with. Great venue, awful for football, I donít envy them one bit. The walk from the ground to the station was fun, the absolute dictionary definition of organised chaos!"
- tiltontrev

"I sat in the home today and they all sit there like they're in a daze. No banter, only one song which they need to play over the PA to make it sound loud and one crappy chant they couldn't be bothered to sing. Poor from West Ham that they didn't announce our team before kick-off on the screen, Kazza Brady and the Porno Dwarf were always a petty pair of arseholes. The Blues end sounded great, they made more noise than the home fans and their PA put together. So good I nearly joined in a couple of times."
- e17blue

* Comments originally posted at smallheathalliance.com and YouTube.

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