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The opposition view: Liverpool

Filed: Tuesday, 5th February 2019
By: Staff Writer

Welcome to the latest edition of the OV, in which Liverpool fans have the sheer audacity and bare-faced cheek to complain about the standard of officiating in Monday night's 1-1 draw at the OS. Enjoy...

"Friend and his officials were shite today. We got the offside goal, but that was evened out by the wrongful flagging of Salah which would have been a tap in. On five occasions we were about to pull the trigger when it was pulled back. Their hand ball not given in their attack - nearly a goal - but the Salah 'hand ball' given (Even though it was debatable at best). The blocking off of Keita for the goal. Shocking all round. But you expect this of Friend. Truly horrifically shite referee."
- Andy @ Allerton

"He isn't the worst referee we have had. But he did fall for every one of their dives - the one by Snodgrass at the end was hilarious. So many fouls breaking up the game and followed by time wasting. One thing that pissed me off was how little time he added on. For a start there were six subs and Fabianski took about 30 seconds per goal kick, it should have been a minimum of five minutes but he didn't once tell him to hurry up, despite Milner on two or three occasions asking him to do something about it. Then they made their final sub just after 89 and the player didn't get on for over a minute later, yet he blew the whistle a few seconds after allotted time."
- vicar

"Kevin Friend was good tonight. Cannot fault him in the slightest, thought he used the advantage really well."
- Gerry Attrick

"For those non-Liverpool fans going on about the offside goal, fine it was. With VAR it would have been chalked off. Still no guarantee the final result would have been 1-0 as goals changes games and how teams react. WHU upped their game because they were behind. If people want to use VAR as a reason we would have lost that, then they also need to let VAR give us the obvious pen v Leicester the week before, convert it and we win 2-1. In which case we would have had all 3 points not 1. Coupled with losing to WHU..we'd be one point better off. "
- 4pool

"Was our goal offside? Yes it was, but you know what really pisses me off? Nobel [sic] holds back Keita for their goal, I mean really obviously holds him back and okay the ref misses it because he's shit but it hardly get's a mention and is called a "block" by the wankstains on the TV. They don't even attempt to hide their bias."
- Mister men

"West Ham time-wasting at every opportunity did my head in, and not even because of the time thatís being wasted but just because it makes it shit to watch when it regularly takes over a minute to take a goal kick or a free kick. Fabianski particularly was doing my head in."
- Jm55

"I thought we fell into their trap a bit last night. They got men behind the ball and defended deep, trying to catch us on the break like pretty much everyone does. However, they were clearly looking for cheap free kicks in the final third and had been working on certain types of free kick in the build up to the game. Our reaction to this was to seemingly just continue to give the soft free kicks away. I also thought we were very slow on the break when they did get forward. An all round meh of a game."
- wah00ey

"What's up with Pelligrini [sic]? Used to feel sorry for the old man, but talking about an offside goal seven years ago whilst at Malaga and now how he's doing it for City? Did Benitez mention Liverpool last week when they beat his beloved team?"
- Machae

"Noble held back Keita on their goal. In fact I'm pretty sure they were deliberately fouling on every free kick with block offs or just straight holds and guessing most of them wouldn't get called. Not a bad idea and I'm surprised more teams don't use that two man kick routine to try to beat the offside trap. It was as if we had never seen it before for some odd reason and was really fucking up our line. Both Milner and Matip were getting the run around from Anderson. He destroyed them and made the rest of the team just that much more unsettled. If Mane's goal was correctly ruled off-side then we would have created fuck all just like in the Leicester game."
- BrandoLFC

"Naby was at fault for their goal - twice. But he had a strong second half and is getting there. Antonio is kryptonite to us, football throws up these weird coincidences. Bobby had without question his worst game in a red shirt. And like all teams on a run of poor results, facing the league leaders in front of their demanding home crowd, West Ham played above themselves."
- Robinred

"Filipe Anderson showed why we should have bought him this summer and probably should next - he's real quality and relentless too. A bad night not to have a right back or right sided midfielder we were screwed down that side all night."
- JackWard33

"We have teams playing against us that just want to thwart our title challenges. Teams like Leicester and West Ham have nothing else to play for other than to see us fall. We are playing a whole bunch of bus parkers which seems to be the formula. We need to get creative and find a way to combat this approach and still come out with goals. We have a lot of injuries, we don't have enough depth in the squad and we seem to be struggling with our mentality a bit. A lot of these are challenges to be overcome."
- mrantarctica

"This isn't a bad result in isolation. West Ham are a decent team, it was a Monday night game at their place...not terrible. Unfortunately the Leicester one was, and back-to-back draws are shitty results no matter what. And the performances are a problem. Long way from over, and certainly not reason to panic."
- Claus

"After a nervy first 20 or so minutes, we got the goal and we started to look in control. Nodded off for their goal on the set piece and after that we still had most of the ball, clearly the better footballing side but just had no cutting edge about us. West Ham had joy on the break and we dealt with it ok for the most part...didn't give them enough to worry about though. The last two games would have been 1-0's in the first half of the season I'm sure."
- RAWK Supporter

"I wouldn't say the lads looked leggy as such but they were off the pace. Players were losing and then pulling out of 50/50s, they were getting muscled off the ball and outfought. The lack of intensity and energy was alarming to watch. There was no urgency even in the latter stages of the game, sideways passing and hopeless Hollywood balls were not going to cut it yet we persisted with that same plan. Origi I thought done alright and offered something different but it was a bit of a damp squib all in all. I don't think there is any bottling going on but in the past 10 days or so we've had a real chance to seize the initiative back and we've not done that."
- Fiasco

"Having had time to reflect on last night, I think we are throwing our chances away of the title due to a few reasons some beyond our control and some in or control. I think if we had a midfield of Gini, Henderson Milnee or Fabinho we win last night and comfortably at that. Our midfield are showing we a still a couple of quality playes from having the squad to challenge. Our defence is showing we also need to strengthen there. If we can get some results and some luck/decisions (which seems to have gone against us since the media accused Mo of diving all the time) we can get through this."
- will2003

"Felt a bit shit last night. Feeling slightly concerned today but still delighted with the team so far this season. For the vast majority of the time they've been brilliant. Last night wasn't great but what I can't get over is that City have lost four times, Spurs have lost six times and we've lost once. Once. Yet we are the bottlers for having an off night against a well drilled West Ham team who, in my opinion, played out their skin. Am I a bit fustrated? Yeah, of course but I still believe in this team to do the business."
- G1-tiga

"Even with a patched-up team we still have enough quality to beat West Ham (and Leicester). However, I think a few of our established first team players are having a dip in form at exactly the wrong time. A number of starters injured, some key players having a drop off in form whilst then needing to rely on new or squad players lacking in game time or rhythm. It just feels like a bit of a perfect storm, particularly when you consider that there's sickness in the camp too."
- Jookie

"This was a shocking performance. Our defending as a team is getting worse and we simply cant find each other with passes. I would've thought the time away would help us develop a better understanding but it has had the opposite effect. It's as if we are thinking about other things instead of looking at what we have to do. Even when we got a slice of luck in getting a goal, we didnt use that to take control of the ball and match, we just got sloppy giving ghe ball away eventually conceding the free kick and falling asleep. Only positive is this probably should've been a loss."
- Mighty_Red

"Wish we'd gone to Yakutsk instead of Dubai. Would have toughened up the lads. Since that wretched trip, we're losing almost all 50/50 battles with opponents."
- downtown

"When you look at our display and the fact our goal was a mile offside, I guess itís a point won rather than two points lost."
- Dave D

* Comments originally posted at redandwhitekop.com.

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