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The opposition view: Manchester City

Filed: Thursday, 28th February 2019
By: Staff Writer

Once treading a similar path to West Ham United, Manchester City fans now find themselves in unfamiliar territory thanks to the riches bestowed upon them by their Middle Eastern owners.

But has it changed the fan base and their general outlook? Find out in the latest edition of the OV...

"Great first five minutes. Ok next 85 with lots of good but some really poor moments. I was surprised at how well West Ham defended their box with great shape and discipline but this was a potential 5-0 if we'd been more ruthless. In summary, Zab is still the man."
- mrbelfry

"I thought West Ham were appalling. They gave us a lot of time on the ball and offered almost nothing up front. We couldn't really have asked for easier opponents. They then put Zabaleta on against Bernardo who murdered him. Bernardo was magical. As soon as he came on we had a cutting edge. Only bad point was Mahrez. Timid just about sums it up."
- Marvin

"West Ham plugged the gap on the left sacrificing space on the right, but Mahrez was woeful once more against a young debutant as well which made it easy for West Ham to defend. I thought it was a bit weird that Pep didnt give Sterling on the right and Sane on the left longer than 2/3 minutes as Sane was bright first half and only faded when they realised all our threat was down the left. We instantly looked more dangerous with two wide options but then Bernardo came on and within minutes did more than Mahrez had all night, won the penalty and generally looked a huge threat. Struggled to get out last 20 minutes as we visibly tired so credit the players for managing the game and seeing it out."
- ninjamonkey

"We should have scored goals all game, whoever was on. But Sterling was vastly different in attitude and intent to the players in the first half and it was startlingly different when him and Bernardo came on. Had Sterling been in the same positions earlier, he would have had scoring opportunities where others were hanging back, not affecting the play, or the West Ham defence. West Ham survived, very luckily, throughout. But City were a different team, with those two on he pitch."
- Neville Kneville

"Never in doubt! The most one sided 1-0 I can remember seeing ever. Three points. Well done the City team. With Manuel and Zaba and Samir and attempting decent football, I have a soft spot for the Hammers so I'm glad we didn't take all our chances and battered them 6 or 7 nil."
- wagonman

"It was a fairly soft penalty, but came seconds after what looked like a pretty nailed-on pen. It was a pen, soft or not. Bernardo charged at 3-4 players and was hoping to have his legs taken. Regards West Ham. Pellegrini set you up well; pace at full back, legs in midfield. Id have perhaps expected Antonio up top and perhaps Lanzini starting too. Carroll was a nice idea for set pieces but he was dreadful at everything. Hes a diving twat too. City looked leggy but still had some great moments. Should have been a clearer margin. Bernardo and Sterling were different class when they came on."
- schfc6

"Looked a penalty at the game and not changed my mind since seeing it on the TV replay. Bernie tried to stay on his feet but the half-arsed tackle brought him down so a foul and in the box = penalty. I still wish we had put some of our other chances away to cement victory, but as others have said tickling the ball at the 'keeper will not get you many goals - just leather it."
- Gray

"Anderson comes in from the wrong side and doesn't get the ball. It's a foul. When it's Salah going down, all and sundry are telling us there is contact. We get a penalty, where no scythe is used and it's soft. Nah, definite penalty for me. Anderson has to more careful in there."
- prestonibbo_mcfc

"It was a soft penalty. Bernie wriggled his body in front of two of their players, one of whom just about clipped him from behind. A tangle of legs really, but if any team was fucking due one it was us!"
- Exeter Blue I am here

"We have to give West Ham credit, even if we were looking tired and did squander our chances, with one too many passes in their final third, when a shot should have come. Our players were waiting and waiting for them to give up some space but it never came, it needed a top corner special but we had to settle for a penalty (was a pen in my book, soft to some but not Salah soft), their defensive line seemed to catch us offside more often than many teams manage too."
- Metalartin

"It's always a hard watch at 1-0. We all still have that nagging feeling that the other fucking team are going to spawn it. Either from a set piece or an aberration from one of our players."
- prestonibbo_mcfc

"A bit of perspective. We had just had a European away trip playing with 10 men for half-an-hour followed by a Wembley final which went to extra time and penalties. We had injuries to at least three players who probably would have started last night plus the likes of Mendy coming back from injury. West Ham had two shots all game - one on target. We cannot win every game 5-0 and some people need to understand that. The next game will also be tough although I think we will win. Now is the time to get behind the boys, not bitch and whinge."
- Eds

"I was nervous going into the game - I thought we might struggle tonight because of fatigue and the missing players. We were a bit flat at times but in the end deserved winners. The three points was much more important than the performance or the score line under the circumstances. Although Im not sure how much Pellers or West Ham really wanted to get anything out of the game. 20 mins to go and he puts Zab on to get his standing ovation. That change was never gonna get them an equaliser. Cheers Manuel."
- chaddblue

"Phew! That was hard work, but well done boys for digging in and taking the three points. Great to keep the pressure on the buswreckers and if one of those early chances had gone in, it would have probably been a far easier evening. But credit to the Hammers; thats only the second time weve scored only one goal, and the fourth that weve scored less than three in 21 games at Etihad all season."
- Vienna_70

"Fucking atrocious performance. We were asking for a draw tonight but we get to quickly forget about tonight and move on. Saturdays game is a cup final now."
- Ban-jani

* Comments originally posted at bluemoon-mcfc.co.uk.

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