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The opposition view: Newcastle Utd

Filed: Sunday, 3rd March 2019
By: Staff Writer

There were few crumbs of comfort for travelling Mags fans who sauntered 300 miles down the A1 only to watch their team comfortably beaten at the OS by Pellegrini's West Ham.

Find out what they had to say about their team's performance following West Ham's 2-0 win in the latest edition of the OV...

"Not a very inspiring performance in the first half, and certainly not very inspirational in the second. It was a game I thought we would win based on how we had been playing, but we were very disappointing to say the least. Rafa should have used Ki and Muto, Ki for Hayden who was below par today, and Muto for Perez who was accomplishing nowt. Diame did quite well when he came on for Longstaff but Schar should have got the ball they scored from. Stupid penalty to give away in the box."
- Noelie

"West Ham are the first team to do the double over us this season where we didn't score against them home or away. Three other teams are still able to do the same against us this season."
- Mcnamee67

"I suppose our run had to come to an end at some point. Pretty uneventful game despite the two goals. We looked much better in the second half. Never a penalty for their second - although I think that's karma for the Burnley game where they should have been awarded a pen for Ritchie's challenge. The whole team looked quite sluggish, it's arguable that three games in a week took its toll on the players. Diame made an impact - hopefully he can match his form from this time last season. Fingers crossed that Longstaff injury isn't too serious."
- jpg

"Our final ball was poor and they defended really well. I thought we were better in the second half though."
- Billy Whitehurst

"Beaten by the better side. They defended well (nine blocks!) and we couldn't get a grip on the midfield. They were both diving shits and dirty cunts, but the penalty was the correct call, as was the free kick that lead to it. So it's not like we were cheated of points or owt. Defensively really poor and especially Manquillo and Schar on the right hand side. That right flank is definitely being targeted by opposition managers, which is surprising when we've got a right winger who's a bit of a madhead playing left wing back. Meh, we're safe, got a fairly soft run in and an away day to Craven Cottage to enjoy on the final day."
- The Fish

"I find a bit of consolation in that Andy Carroll didn't play and score against us."
- Noelie

"As much as I hate to give other teams credit, that Masauku at the back had Rondon and Perez in his pocket. I like Rondon, but he needs a 50 million pound poacher alongside him, not Ayoze fall if I get flicked, hands behind my ears because I average five goals a season, bad haircutted, Spanish prick Perez."
- Paul Kannell

"We were beaten by the better team. No excuses, these things happen sometimes."
- Ayatollah Hermione

"Fair play, Pellegerini did a Rafa on Rafa. Ayoze not physically strong enough at Premier League level and when he decides to take more than 2 touches, can be a liability. At the end of the day it was a world class manager in charge of a team with under-investment against a manager bordering on world class, backed by the owners. Rafa should have taken the west Ham job when given the chance."
- Rexn

"This was a 'back to reality' result to let us know the job ain't finished just yet and we need to keep grounded. West Ham are a top half team which we strive to be, we could easily be in their position with a few more quality signings (and keeping Rafa's a must). Need a few more wins to secure safety which we will get if we perform how we have recently. West Ham weren't that much better than us and not scoring from open play proved that. That early set-piece goal took the sting out of us and the pen just made matters worse although second-half was a improvement we still looked below par."
- Sanchino

"We keep getting sucked back in to the relegation fight. We don't seem to be able to put clear water between us. Admittedly we're six points from the bottom three, but our next three games are Everton (h), Bournemouth (a) and Arsenal (a). We need to be picking up points because games like today will eventually end up biting us on the arse.2
- trooper

"Just found out Lawro had us down for a win, no wonder we lost."
- Kevin Carr's Gloves

* Comments originally posted at toontastic.net, toonforum.co.uk and vitalfootball.co.uk.

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