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The opposition view: Everton

Filed: Monday, 1st April 2019
By: Staff Writer

Everton fans are briefly under the impression that it's 1984 all over again as a team of 'world-beaters' in Blue secure a 2-0 win against the less-than-mightly Hammers in Stratford. Feel the warm glow of overexuberance in your latest edition of the OV...

"Our best performance since the away win at Leicester in the autumn. Everybody played their part. The two CBs looked very comfortable defensively and Keane's composure in possession was good to see too, his experience with England seemingly having a positive effect for once. Gomes' performance yesterday was pure sex. West Ham were poor, but we still needed to take advantage of it. The game should really have been a 4/5 zero result, so that is the one negative I take from it. It didn't matter yesterday, but our failure to take full advantage of our opportunities will see us draw or even lose closer games."
- Barnfred 55

"I can't get over how bad West Ham was. Worst 90 minute performance I've seen from a team this season, and that's saying something considering we beat Burnley 5-1."
- Zezti

"Everton looked incisive from kick-off and could have been four or five up after quarter of an hour. West Ham never pulled themselves together. We could have scored more, but Fabianski was the obstacle between us and a higher score. It was another complete team performance. We sat among the West Ham fans - they were not happy. All through the second half, an expanse of empty white seats spread across the stadium."
- Stanley Parker

"Seems the media are intent on declaring West Ham were just terrible and we took advantage of that. Hardly. We tore them apart."
- Ron Burgundy

"I think it's hard to ignore that West Ham were very poor. But the score line doesn't do the dominance of our display justice. 5/4 nil would have been a much fairer reflection and in fairness to the punters on BT and MOTD I think they acknowledged that. I think Shearer even called us brilliant, or something to that effect. I'm normally sitting here seething that we don't get enough credit, but I'm not feeling that this morning."
- Anon

"A near perfect performance, I don't buy the fact West Ham were terrible, I believe we'd have matched most teams with that attacking intent. I think now we are playing settled and free we have a chance of getting 7th and nicking Europe. Take Walcott out the team and we look so much better. I have stated before, I dont get the hype about Lookman so to me the three across the line - Bernard, Iceland and Ric - look good, very good. With two full backs causing havoc and getting forward we will score goals."
- Gaffa

"Allow me to put a hypothetical situation out there please? Imagine that game with Diego Costa upfront. Pie in the sky, but just think about what the score would’ve been with a talented strong CF on the end of the passes and crosses today. 7-0 at least."
- bluesb1970

"I turned to my young son at the end and said: 'See? We can win away from home'. A fine performance and a result which somewhat flatters West Ham. Would have liked a third as that really means no way back - even if they fluked a goal back, at 2-1 it gets quite nervy. But today I didn't feel that we were under too much pressure, even factoring in their slight flurry early in the 2nd half. What struck (and pleased) me more than anything about today's game was that we made it the sort of formality that we should have been doing all season; it's not wrong for us to expect games against the West Hams of this league - even away from home - to be fairly routine victories, and it was good to see us in command and at ease in a fixture like this."
- Daz1878

"That's the way to swot away inferior teams. No flooks given. Dominate and bum from the first whistle."
- Big Fat Sam

"Our team played in a cohesive unit with good link-up play both offensively and defensively. Well we did it throughout the entirety of the game. West Ham's problem on the other hand was exactly what we were two months ago; a disjointed, slow paced, unmotivated lot struggling to string passes together, keep possession and a bunch of nerves on the defensive back line. Hopefully consistency will be our forte well into the next season."
- kleew

"Paid them back for how they ripped us a new one at Goodison."
- marnie

"Back to playing like we did earlier in the season. High tempo, quick pass and move plenty of one twos. We turned up with the determination and there were good performances all over the park. Bernard was my MotM. Terrible stadium to get to from the tube and back again."
- johnblue23

"It took me two bloody hours to get out of the car park post match and the clocks going forward meant I didn't get in till half three. But then again Everton utterly smacked the crap out of them, so peaks and troughs."
- Mikey_Fitzgerald

"West Ham looked utter turd. Like the players are already on the beach enjoying beverages with a little umbrella in them. We looked very good, but how many times did our attacking players find themselves in an acre of space to run at them? Anyway. Good result. Wish it would have beem 4 or 5 to reflect our dominance. Bernard MOTM for me."
- ilikecheese

"Delighted to see Robert Snodgrass continually thinking any slight bit of bad luck he had in the game was because the entire world's against him and not because he is, in fact, absolutely horrendous."
- Brownie

"I’m going to go way out on a limb and say that those people crying about us not signing that Diop because he’s going to be the next big thing were talking out of their rectums."
- killenefc

* Comments originally posted at grandoldteam.com.

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