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Scott Parker: our sympathies

Filed: Wednesday, 23rd March 2011
By: Paul Walker

I heard someone say after the Spurs game that Scott Parker looked like he was crying at the end of the match... now we know why.

It takes something to play like he did and give so much to the team and the fans just hours after his father Mike had died on Friday.

Nobody would have had any complaints if Scotty had given it a miss at White Hart Lane, some things are more important that football.

But he also knows that if he is not there, we probably lose. And we can't afford that any more this season. So his performance and commitment to the cause is just astonishing, much like Jack Collison did when he played after his own father had been killed on a road accident.

It is the measure of the man Parker is, and also Jack, for playing so soon after such sorrow.

I lost my own dad a year ago. He'd first seen the Irons in 1932 and made me the West Ham fan I am today, for which I am deaply grateful . Frankly I don't really recall much of what I did the day after he passed away, but I know I could not have even considered running around a football pitch.

Scott, you have my deepest sympathies, and I'm sure every West Ham fan would endorse that.

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Your Comments

by davestubington
07:40PM 1st Apr 2011
''Scott Parker: any father would be proud to have a son like you, God bless your Dad and wherever your career may take you, rest assured Hammers fans now consider you a legend.''

by Andy Roberts
05:53AM 29th Mar 2011
''The man is already a West Ham legend and a true professional, no one will deny that he has given everything even if the Irons fail to stay up this season.''

by g portugal
02:44PM 24th Mar 2011
''The guy goes the extra mile every single time. Very few like him now, or ever.''

by Ian Blanthorn (Sydney Auastralia)
11:40PM 23rd Mar 2011
''If there were more people like Scott Parker the world would be a better place!''

by Jack
04:17PM 23rd Mar 2011
''Deepest sympathies to Scotty indeed. As you rightly say, not only playing on Saturday, but playing with such heart and spirit embodies what kind of player and man Parker is. Why Upson is our captain instead of Parker I'll never know!''

by TrevB
12:02PM 23rd Mar 2011
''Just when you think he can't be any more of a legend...I lost a parent some years ago, and no way would I have put my job above my own grief at the time. Anyone who hasn't lost a parent prematurely will possibly not fully appreciate what Scott Parker managed to do.

As far as I'm concerned he deserves every honour there is to give, and he is a standout footballer, and person, that we are very fortunate to be able to support. Hopefully Capello will realise the character he has and start using him as an England regular. His ability and personality would only be positive for England.

John Terry should (if he can) look Scotty in the eyes and try to find what a real leader is! Cheesey it may sound but I think his father would have been extremely proud of his boy.''

by Jamie
10:58AM 23rd Mar 2011
''After a less than tasteful report on this topic on a neighbouring site, it is good to see someone publish a short, to the point message of sympathy. I for one will be eternally grateful for the commitment Scotty has shown this season and my sympathies go out to him and his family.

On a side note, I read somewhere that Jack Collison did not find out about his father until after the game...I may be incorrect. Regardless he still played the next fixture, so hats off to him.''

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