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Keep Trolling; West Ham Taunts Manchester United Over Diop

Filed: Saturday, 22nd June 2019
By: Staff Writer #3

Issa Diop was heavily sought by Manchester United to transfer to the squad.

The club made an offer of £45M plus player Phil Jones to West Ham in order to secure the centre-back, but West Ham rejected the offer and took no time in gloating over the fact on social media bets.com.au reports today.

After club bosses at West Ham, announced their decision to reject the offer, it wasn’t long before the West Ham official Twitter account sent out a tweet with the message ‘We’ve got Diop, Issa Diop, I just don’t think you understand.’ alongside a video of highlights of the star in action for the club.

Fans responded immediately to the tweet in support and praise for the response. With one fan calling for the person responsible for the tweet to be given a raise. Others continued to show support and praise for the tweeter, saying things like “Someone Send Him A Cake ASAP.”

West Ham has only had the player for one season so far, having signed him in a record deal for the club of £22M last year. The French player, having been signed from former club Toulouse has had a fantastic debut season for the hammers helping them to secure a tenth place finish in the Premiership, which is one of their best finishes for a while.

Diop’s contract still has another four years to run with the club, but already they are valuing the player in excess of £60M, so clearly they think the offer from United was too low. Although they did, of course, throw in another player to the deal. It was not initially known who the player that United was seeking to offload was, but as it emerged it was Phil Jones, then the offer looked to be rejected.

With Jones being marked as replaceable on the United squad, his future with the club has got to look uncertain as Ole Gunner Solskjaer seeks to improve United’s squad over the summer before the new season starts. They may have failed to snatch Diop from West Ham, but there are certainly plenty of other players in Solskjaer’s sights. In particular, as they look to improve their defence.

Although Solskjaer has only been leading the club since December, it is fair to say that he settled into the role well, initially only having been offered the job in caretaker capacity before making a historic start to his career, there with a huge run of wins resulting in him getting the job permanently. His success continued, and United was able to finish the year in sixth place in the Premiership. This meant that they missed out on qualification for the Champions League this year, as they finished thirty-two points behind rivals City.

United clearly need to improve their defence, as they conceded fifty-four goals in the league last year, one of their poorest performances in years. Diop would have been a great addition to the squad and made for a stronger defence, but clearly, West Ham is having none of it.

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