Has Sullivan taken West Ham as far as he can?

Does anybody think that David Sullivan hasn't asked himself whether he has taken West Ham United FC as far as he can?

Perhaps, just perhaps, he realises that his dreams for West Ham may be no more than just that - pipe dreams?

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I have no personal axe to grind with Sullivan. Sure, I'll never forgive him for selling our home and moving to the athletics stadium, but that time has gone and we can't change that.

I've met him a couple of times, and he comes across as a decent enough chap - happy to have a conversation about football. In truth, I much prefer him to his business partner who, in my opinion, while smiling to your face is really Mr Nasty.

So, nothing untoward regarding David Sullivan as a person and causing him grief isn't what I'm about; if others see that as a way forward, that's up to them.

I do though wonder if he has now realised that since buying West Ham United for a relative song that the whole footballing landscape has changed?

While Mr Gold cracks wise about owning a few shops, not a few oil wells, it does reveal how limited their resources are relative to other club owners.

Quite simply they don't have, and never have had, the resources to fund a team that could legitimately compete for a Champions League place. And there's no shame in that, I haven't that sort of money either.

It's quite possible that Sullivan is sitting there this morning contemplating how, despite appointing a manager with a tremendous track record and backing him to the tune of ?180m, by this time next week we'll be much closer to the bottom six than we are to the top six.

Top four? Not this season or, if we're being honest, next.

He may be asking himself if spending ?180m is only sufficient to tread water in this league, just how much of his wealth would he need to pump in to actually fulfil his dream of "Champions league in seven years"? Which, sadly, is already two full years overdue.

Sullivan knows he can't deliver it, and what's more, he knows we know he can't - and he, like us knows we're going nowhere under his stewardship of the club. The move to Stratford was supposed to be the great leap forward; sadly, it's proved the reverse.

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Since Sullivan and Gold bought the club, the smallest gap in terms of number of points between what we accrued and the number required for a top four finish has been four points - and that was in our final season at the Boleyn.

Other than that :

2009/10: 35 points short
2010/11: 35 short (but qualified for the Championship!)
2011/12: wrong division
2012/13: 27 short
2013/14: 39 short
2014/15: 23 short
2016/17: 31 short
2017/18: 33 short
2018/19: 19 short
2019/20: I predict we'll be approximately 28 points short

In other words we are nowhere near Champions League qualification - and haven't been anywhere near it other than in the year several of the usual suspects had poor seasons and we in contrast had gotten lucky with a world class player who gave us his best ever season.

So within David Sullivan's decade we have moved grounds - a move that still proves to be unpopular with a great many supporters, spent what he may consider to be a fortune and seen the club managed by Franco Zola, Avram Grant, Sam Allardyce, Slaven Bilic, David Moyes and now Manual Pellegrini.

He's appointed five different managers, chucked every penny the club has at it (almost none of his own though) and we're still no better off than the year before he and David Gold bought the club.

That season, we finished ninth on 51 points - 21 short of a top four finish.

If he isn't asking himself the question this article poses then he's even more deluded than the typical West Ham United supporter, because he really should be asking himself it.

And the answer, of course, is "yes".

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Representatives from KUMB.com sat with the club's Vice Chair nearly three years ago and politely suggested that Mr Sullivan and Mr Gold set a realistic price for their shares and sell up.

There's no need for any nastiness and no need for any unpleasantries, but I'd repeat that request to Mr Sullivan again directly if I bumped in to him.

He's had a go, he's had his chance. But West Ham are on the road to nowhere - and our next move could well be downwards.

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