Send in the clowns

A world-class team in a world class stadium. That's what we were sold.

I'll translate that... A poor team in a stadium not fit for football.

Remember those words our captain Mark Noble said in our last game at the Boleyn? "This club isn't run like a circus no more..." Well he couldn't be more wrong.

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Since moving to the London Stadium we've had a relegation battle, a 'protest', fans on the pitch, the team booed off most weeks and now this season teams like Newcastle playing us off the park.

Oh, we're still a circus, but the only ones enjoying the entertainment are the opposition.

Our manager, Manuel Pellegrini looks like a man who retired when he moved to China. His team selections most weeks are baffling, substitutions questionable (I'm being kind there!) and his whole demeanour is like he doesn't want to be here and is just waiting for the sack.

Well that looks likely to happen soon. The truth is he should have gone after that Burnley game, giving a new manager two weeks to get to know the team and ready for the derby against Spurs.

To do that would make too much sense though for the owners though, who seem reluctant to part with money to relieve him of his duties. They always say how skint we are, well how about the ?500k-per-week in wages that we saved in the summer? Letting go the likes of Carroll, Hernandez, Perez, Nasri, Obiang, Adrian etc...

At the time of writing Pellegrini is still here and looks to have been given the Chelsea game on Saturday - the owners waiting for another defeat before finally pulling the trigger? Everyone knows he needs to go, the fans, the owners and I'm sure even Pellegrini himself knows it too.

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The names linked with the job are hardly inspiring though, David Moyes and Chris Hughton being the front runners. If you don't laugh you'll cry. The owners back to their usual tricks of leaking everything to the papers and certain West Ham websites.

It looks like they want to go back to their'safe hands' approach with the manager - or in other words a manager who Sullivan can control and still have the main say! Because it has been so successful in the past!

Also, you must say how convenient is it that these two are not in work at the moment, so would require no compensation paid to another club.

Hughton or Moyes?

Hughton: Sacked by Brighton for poor results and poor/defensive football

Moyes: Hasn't had a job since we got rid of him, now we're begging for him to come back.. Oh Please

Next level? We really left Upton Park for this?

The sort of manager we need to be appointing is someone young with something to prove, someone with hunger and a passion to progress. We need to learn from other clubs and see how they are doing things.

Chelsea, for example - look at the great job Lampard is doing; he's brought through a number of youth players and they are thriving. We've got some talent in our Under 23 squad, the likes of Nathan Holland and Ben Johnson, they deserve a chance surely!

There's many other examples too. Gerrard, Bowyer, Parker, Dyche, Howe. All young coaches doing well because they know the modern game. Do i have faith that Sullivan would appoint someone in this mould? Absolutely not.

Just look at his managerial appointments in the past, Bruce, McLeish, Avram Grant, Allardyce, Moyes, Pellegrini - he goes for experience ('safe') rather than looking at the long term.

We need a project, someone young to come in and refresh the whole club and implement their own ideas. Or was the point of moving to this new stadium to limp to survival every year?

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