A dream to pacify the natives

I would like to ask David Sullivan and co. the question of how they envisaged the 'next level' upon moving stadium.

Before the move you would imagine a business case of sorts would have been composed. The club's accounts illustrate that the actual difference in terms of available monies per season against Upton Park was as little as circa ?2million p/a.

Surely they would have 'crunched the numbers' ahead of any move? I cannot believe any cost comparisons would not have been made.

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There have been factors that, I believe, would impact income positively. For example, TV monies on the increase, a lack of overheads on the day-to-day running of the stadium on match days, additional 'supporters' being at home games etc.

The financial reports show the club is slightly in the black (which is a good thing) and I appreciate that there would also be negatives; for example higher team wages. But we not spending more than our current rivals - bar one summer window - when there is clearly a need for massive investment in the team.

So with such a minimal cost improvement, how would they put together a team full of world-class players etc.?

Were the board anticipating that, with the move, the 'London' brand would appeal to those corporate types in the City, expecting a cash cow with commercial sponsorship? Were they expecting significant investment via a silent partner i.e. Tripp Smith?

Has the lack of actual stadium ownership dented any potential plans they had, or are they not allowed to do something that would have brought this dream together?

Or were they lying out of their arses in order to obtain personal wealth and move up the business ladder...

I honestly don't know what the answer is, although I have a feeling it is a little of all of the above. So with hindsight, the move has not brought any benefit to the club so far. Even knocking down the old place and selling the patch didn't exactly bring in as much as anticipated.

Obviously the board speak of the success of the move and how much benefit it has brought the club - although I would genuinely like to understand how they believe the progression is beneficial. Despite the move we are still a mid-table Premier League team that has flirted with the Europa League and relegation, while providing minimal funds for transfers.

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If they are genuine with their motives, their business acumen would appear to be lacking. For such bold claims not to be realised; to not know that the seats would be further away than at Upton Park, or not have the funding made available to assemble a competitive team etc. You should not make those claims without knowing what you are talking about.

They tore up the old West Ham to create a corporate image. They eradicated our history that appealed to so many (not just West Ham fans), changed the badge and tried hard to make West Ham appealing to the neutrals, the corporate day trippers.

This was a massive roll out that reeked of Karren Brady and, in my opinion, she got it badly wrong. We are the wrong set of fans to make a corporate wet dream, they didn't even try to meet us in the middle.

Since the move, the board have tried hard to back pedal as much as they can without losing face to try and get some fans back on board. It's a little too late now. They have forced diehard supporters, West Ham through and through, out of the club.

Most people I speak to now are so indifferent about it all, they just don't seem to care anymore. Unfortunately I am now among those who are too numb, so sick of the mess that I have given up my season ticket. My son is still passionate and he cannot understand why I lack as much interest as I do.

It's because it's just not West Ham anymore for me.

The 10 point plan argument I believe is truly perception to the reader; personally I think they have failed on most points and yet there is argument on all points.

They made the plan and it is subjective to determine whether they have followed through. That, to me, speaks volumes. If they are making plans and promises IT SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED, full stop, unquestionably. There isn't even a ray of light through these dark times.

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My personal interpretation is that we are acting like we want to be Arsenal following their every move, but doing that by shopping in a pound shop where everything seems false and tacky. I was actually open to the move initially, with the hope we could challenge near the top.

Instead it seems as if the board ripped the heart and soul from this club - and all for personal gain. I hope I am wrong.

They wanted the move and as much as I hate the phrase, they sold the next level dream to pacify the natives. This has not materialised, there's hasn't been a hint of progression so without answering the above I do believe he has taken us as far as he can.

And maybe a little too far, hence the forthcoming protest/s.

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