For you SG&B, the VAR is over

Club not brand. It's West Ham United Football Club, not an offshoot of some leisurewear manufacturer. Supporters are supposed to be at the heart of a club, without supporters clubs are nothing.

So remember today this Club has a Board of Directors that conveniently tried to forget a 20% discount scheme that the club had promised supporters if they bought a ST for five consecutive years. The shakedown could have cost supporters ?1.6m.

West Ham London

Also remember today we have owners who are charging the club huge interest fees on loans they have made the club rather than putting in a genuine equity injection. In the past three years nearly ?20m has been paid out to Mr Gold and Mr Sullivan in interest.

But we can't afford a proper back up striker. Or goalkeeper, full back or midfielder. And it's a quarter of an orange at half time lads, not a half of one.

Remember too the speed with which the Board sold our real home to ensure there was no way back, and the knockdown price they sold it for. Ask yourself how a property company resold the site just 24 hours after our Directors had sold it and made a profit of ?20m. Nice work if you can get it.

Does it sound like our Board of Directors are good custodians of West Ham United Football club ? Does it sound to you if they have the best interests of the club and it's supporters at heart ?

If not, then show your displeasure with the Board by turning up today. This is a peaceful, static protest so supporters voices can be heard, the legitimate voice of West Ham United.

Quite simply our own club's Directors have abused our supporters with their gerrymandered surveys their false claims on waiting lists, their broken promises, with untruth after untruth, even as recently as this week.

World class stadium with a world class team, my left eye.

But remember it need not be this way forever; most of us were supporting the club long before the Gold Brothers and Mr Sullivan bought Birmingham City for a knock down ?700,000, by answering an advertisement in the Financial Times.

Karren Brady, David Sullivan and Ralph Gold pictured during their reign at Birmingham

In truth that money represents the only new capital they have ever invested in football, since then they have merely recycled their profits from that investment.

But they eventually sold that club when they realised the supporters of Birmingham City had enough of the deceit and spin, and we need to let them know that our supporters believe that enough is enough as far as we are concerned as well.

So, Mr Sullivan and Mr Gold, do yourselves and us a favour , stick an dd in the FT putting the club up for sale at a fair and reasonable price.

You've had 10 years, it's long enough, when you bought us we were at the wrong end of the table, and here we are a decade later at the wrong end of the table, but in a terrible stadium.

So, how much is a fair and reasonable price? Forget fairytale numbers of ?650m and bidders like Red Bull.

A homeless, poorly-performing squad that reflects the inappropriate investment in the team and infrastructure, and a disgruntled supporter base.

I'd suggest ?200m top whack as fair and reasonable, which would represent an enormous return on investment for the shareholders, but if it's less so be it, but in the name of God, just go.

Just go. For you, Messrs Sullivan and Gold, the VAR is over.

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