End of an Era

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Re: End of an Era

Postby Awooga_Iron on Mon May 13, 2019 6:25 pm

I'm in favour but I know the pundits are going to wind me up; they already say stupid things like "contact started outside the box", ignoring advantage and such alike.
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Re: End of an Era

Postby This Fish on Thu May 16, 2019 9:55 am

Decisions fundamentally don't "even themselves out" over a season.

Elite teams get more calls than smaller clubs do for a host of reasons. They've quicker more skillful players who're able to con a referee with a dive, or sly foul. They're more often in positions where marginal offside calls go there way. Liverpool benefited greatly from bad refereeing this year and while it may not have made a difference to the final league position for them, it may have for the teams they were facing. I know West Ham were screwed by the officials in your game against Liverpool. Newcastle were too.

Hopefully VAR will reduce diving, and increase penalties for fouls which don't necessarily result in the player hitting the deck. Hopefully knowing that VAR is watching there'll be less shirt grabbing at corners, which will mean both sides will need to get better at set pieces.

The delays apparently average out to be 80 seconds per game, which is no great shakes in the modern game. With experience the delays will shorten too.

It won't end controversy for fans and pundits to argue about, because many of the big calls still come down to the referee's interpretation of the laws and how to apply them. e.g. one ref may think contact is enough to give a foul in the box, another may need the attacker to be scythed down.
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Re: End of an Era

Postby Cuenca 'ammer on Thu May 16, 2019 3:18 pm


as I was watching the Leeds playoff game I didn't see this - anyone ?

at least the bloke says it might not have meant that they won, but what's the point of having VAR if you don't use it ?

The game was goalless when former Middlesbrough midfielder De Roon's shot was deflected on to the post by the hands of Bastos - who had already been booked.
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