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In Review: The Fashion Of Football

Filed: Sunday, 30th January 2005
By: Matthew O'Greel

Mainstream Publishing
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The shirt is by Lacoste, the jumper by Pringle. The jeans by Lois and the trainers by Adidas ...

Today's footballers may have plenty of dough, but do they have style? Not necessarily so, argues author Paolo Hewitt in The Fashion of Football.

Although the book begins in the 50's with the abolition of the minimum wage for footballers its main sections centre around the late-60's to mid-80's period, when fashions changed constantly - both on and off the terraces.

Heavily featured throughout the book are the likes of Georgie Best, Alan Hudson and Charlie George, icons who made their mark both on and on the pitch during those heady days. There's also a smattering of revealing interviews with some of the country's most popular tailors, many of whom operated out of the East End.

Indeed, there's quite a bit of West Ham content included; Bobby Moore, considered by many to be one of the fashion icons of the 60's receives good coverage, as do the Hammers who are often referred to as one of the country's trendiest sides from that period.

There's also plenty of space reserved for terrace fashion; from mods to suedeheads and from soul boys to casuals, all are covered within. Interestingly Stone Island refused to cooperate with the authors due to the links with football and terrace culture; biting the hand that feeds you maybe?

Despite the fact that the book is written by a Tottenham (Hewitt) and Millwall (Baxter) fan The Fashion of Football is an enjoyable journey through recent history, complemented by some great images (especially the shot of Bobby Moore and wife Tina resplendent in one of Moore's England shirts and a pair of thigh-length boots).

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