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In Review: Hero - the Bobby Moore story

Filed: Sunday, 23rd June 2002
By: Jon Vinton

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This is the latest video to be made about Bobby Moore (and is available through WH Smiths priced at 15.99 but you may have to order it). It is produced by Sir David Frost.

In many ways this is similar to Phil Daniel's book with many of Bobby's friends and family paying tribute and telling their favourite stories about Mooro.

There are many sad moments in the film as people break down in front of the camera most notably Roberta, Bobby's daughter, and Mike Sumerbee, but there are lighter moments with some amusing stories - especially from Jimmy Tarbuck.

There are many poignant moments and one that particularly sticks in the mind is when Johnathan Pearce, who worked with Bobby for Capital Gold asked why the FA didn't use Bobby in some capacity after he retired from football, a question I have asked myself many times.

Whilst the film does cover Bobby's career it doesn't go into much detail but it does go into more detail of Bobby Moore the man rather than Bobby Moore the footballer.

The running time is 115 minutes and to be honest it is very similar the whole way through, but it is still a moving tribute to a great man with some amusing stories along the way.

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