Carry on regardless

  • by Matthew O'Greel
  • Friday, 27th April 2007

Alan Curbishley says that his plans for tomorrow's vital fixture at Wigan are unaffected by the Premier League's investigation into the transfers of Javi Mascherano and Carlos Tevez.

With the Hammers in the dock and a verdict expected later today Curbishley's plans could be blown apart should the League decide to dock points from United - a scenario that would result in almost certain relegation.

But the United boss says he will be planning for the game as if it were any other.

"At the moment, whatever comes out of the inquiry is irrelevant," he said. "It's secondary to what we've got to do this weekend, and will only be a distraction once they make their decision and we know where we all stand.

"The timing of the inquiry is not ideal but perhaps it's been done for the benefit of all the clubs around us, not just for West Ham.

"Who knows what thinking has gone into it. But they've been determined to have this inquiry and there is obviously something there they want to investigate.

"I've not thought about the possibility of a points deduction. I'm not going to be distracted by that.

"The most important thing is to get the points we need, then worry later about whatever decision is made."

Wigan boss Paul Jewell - whose Chairman Dave Whelen could begin legal action of his own should the Hammers escape a points deduction - is equally bemused by the timing of the hearing.

"All this should have been done a long time ago to give everyone a fair crack of the whip," he said. "It seems to have dragged on forever.

"The rest of us in the relegation mix don't know how this is going to affect us. To leave it to this late stage of the season seems crazy."

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