Now the mascots have a go!

  • by A Different Staff Writer
  • Wednesday, 1st April 2009

Sheffield United's matchday mascots are the latest group to try to make money out of West Ham United in the wake of the so-called Tevez affair.

A group of angry parents have banded together to try to sue the club for the "disappointment and distress" caused by their offspring having to lead out their club against Championship opponents rather than Premiership clubs.

Eric Higginthorpe, chairman of the Justice For Mascots pressure group commented, "I promised my lad he'd be able to lead (the) lads out against Man Utd, which is his other team. Imagine the poor lad's disappointment when he ended up walking out alongside some nobodies from Crystal Palace. If that Lord Griffiths says that Tevez was responsible that's good enough for us."

Another disgruntled father said: " I saved for weeks for my lad to be a mascot. It was going to be the proudest day of my life - his too, possibly. We went for an away match and were hoping for somewhere like Anfield or Old Trafford. Instead all we got was a trip up the road to Oakwell to watch Barnsley forwards feigning injury. No 10 year-old should have to watch that sort of thing."

No figures have been released by JFM as yet though solicitor Ian Firth of Yorkshire firm Raleys commented: "We'd be looking for damage claims for hurt feelings and playground-related trauma to run into the thousands for each individual case. We'll be working hard with our claims partners Zuko Legal to press for a just settlement for all the little children who have been affected by West Ham's flagrant breach of transfer regulations.

"Maybe if we can make just one Premiership club think again about the wider consequences of illegal transfer activities, and spare one child from having to be a mascot against Derby County it will all have been worthwhile - though if not the money will at least soften the blow".

More comment on this as it comes in.

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