The thick of it

  • by Staff Writer
  • Monday, 12th December 2011

Foolish followers of West Ham's local rivals Tottenham have been asked to refrain from sending Olympic gold medallist Sir Chris Hoy vile messages via Twitter after they confused the Scot with referee Chris Foy.

Foy became a hate target for fans of Spurs after he made a number of perplexing decisions during their team's 2-1 defeat at Stoke yesterday.

However a number of Tottenham fans clearly couldn't tell the difference between the letters 'F' and 'H' and subsequently bombarded Hoy, who was knighted in 2009, with vile messages via his account on the social network.

Replying to the tirade of abuse that rather unexpectedly came his way following Spurs' defeat, Hoy commented: "Just for the record, 1) I don't need glasses and 2) I do not lead a double life as an English Pemier League referee. That's Chris Foy."

@chrishoy from an educated football fan, I would just like to say you spoiled a bloody good game yesterday. My bet is you never ref again!"
- a Spurs fan posting on Twitter today showing remarkable foresight

Despite Tweeting the message this morning the abusive coments continued to arrive in their droves throughout the day, leading Hoy to later post: "I'm still getting some rather amusing grief from Spurs fans! On the plus side I've learned some new four letter words today."

And when asked whether or not he would be available for interview by Sky Sports' Georgie Thompson this afternoon, he replied: "Sorry Georgie, I'm in Australia. Maybe Chris Foy would like to instead?"

For the benefit of our friends in N17
(please read slowly)

Sir Chris Hoy
Born: 1976 Edinburgh, Scotland
Age: 35
Occupation: Track cyclist
Major Achievements: World Champion 2002, 2004, 2006, 2007; Olympic Gold medallist 2004, 2008 (x3)

Chris Foy
Born: 1962 St. Helens, England
Age: 49
Occupation: Premie League Referee
Major Achievements: Upsetting Tottenham supporters

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