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  • Monday, 30th September 2013

Although most saw through it, one or two Hull fans made a fist of defending striker Robbie Brady after the striker cheated to earn the penalty that won the game for City...

"West Ham tried to kick us off the park in the first 20 minutes, and Nolan's GBH deserved a red card. They had two tactics - kick Aluko and Brady and lump lots of balls in the air. Allardyce has turned a football club renowned for flair into Bolton Mark II. It was a soft penalty, but Tomkins did give Brady a small nudge and he's entitled to go to ground if off balance ... Great penalty against a keeper we've struggled against in the past."
- Shuffle

"I'd forgotten about our disallowed 'goal'. How can the MoTD highlights not include that!
So, we hit the post, the bar, and had a disallowed goal. And Nolan should have been off.
But got lucky with what should have been a penalty against (the otherwise excellent) Livermore. So, right result. Justice done."
- Driff_Tiger

"West Ham got what they deserved. To isolate Brady's exaggerated fall as worse than their constant fouling makes no sense to me. He got a nudge and did what all professional players do every game. If the defender doesn't try to knock him off balance, i.e cheat, then he can't go down."
- cyberiantiger

"I think if the boot was on the other foot we'd have felt cheated out of a point, but it was a superb battling performance nonetheless."
- Muppet Man

"West Ham had one tactic which was lumping balls into the box. It didn't work as City defended very well (though Rosenior looked iffy on a couple of occasions). Sam Allardyce rivals Ian Holloway as being the biggest **** in the Premier League. How he can even think about saying anything in his post match interview other than apologising for Kevin Nolan's GBH in the first half is ridiculous."
- what

"The referee had three key decisions to make and got two of them wrong - Livermore's hand ball and Nolan's yellow card, which should have been red and would have left West Ham with 10 men for more than 80 minutes). I have not yet seen any clear evidence to suggest whether City's penalty was awarded correctly - Robbie Brady will be the only person who knows whether he went down too easily. However, I do know if that penalty had been given to West Ham, I would have been livid."
- Haltemprice Tiger

"Brady's penalty entered the goal only about four feet from Jaaskelainen's starting position and was hit with reasonable, but not great, force. Therefore it was an average penalty made successful by poor goalkeeping. At 49, I'd have fancied my chances of saving it."
- Occasional Fan

"I wasn't impressed with Brady's haste to fall down. I don't know if I'd go as far as calling it cheating, but it's certainly not a long way from being so and I don't like seeing City players do that. Sam Allardyce always sounds like an embittered referee-blaming rugby league fan in his interviews, and Nolan should probably have been sent off before it even happened. But, City definitely got lucky with decisions yesterday - something to bear in mind the next time we have an afternoon when they go against us."
- Andy

"Brady was blocked off for the penalty from my view in the North West corner. He did exaggerate the fall, but if you keep making unnecessary fouls as West Ham did then you run the risk. They were lucky that Nolan didn't get sent off, not only for his lunge on Rosenior but for constant backchat to the ref and a couple of cynical shoves on City defenders as they leapt for crosses. Got to say West Ham were pretty dire overall and fully deserved the nothing they went home with. With a bit more care on the break, we would have won much more comfortably."
- hovetiger

"I can see how Big Sam is p*ssed off, especially when they weren't given a stonewall penalty. I don't think he is whinging, merely stating a fact. Brucey even almost corrects him and calls it not simulation but cheating/diving. i pointed out during the game that refs only seem to award free kicks if the player goes down. Its almost as if you have to earn a free kick nowadays. I don't like it - and looking at Brady fall over, I don't like that either (and by the sound of it, neither does Steve Bruce). Call me old school, but I think it's awful the way games are being decided by dodgy decisions."
- aljaxon tigers

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