The opposition view: Tottenham Hotspur

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  • Monday, 7th October 2013

This'll be a good'un. Sit back and enjoy as we present a bumper Monday morning OV for you, courtesy of a ton of irate Tottenham supporters...

"It's tragic just how incredibly soft all three of their goals were. They didn't even have to work for them. Where has the fight been today? A completely half-assed effort from everyone involved today against a **** West Ham side. We have been made to look **** and deserve the result. The worst thing about today was West Ham didn't really have to do anything to score three. They were fairly well organised but in general looked ****. Awful, awful performance."
- suffolkspur

"I usually condemn booing. But this would be thoroughly deserved. Utterly unacceptable to lose to West Ham like this. They need to look at themselves and realise nothing in this league is given. Dawson and Verts have been diabolical."
- diego_maradona

"A delighted Fat Sam put five players in the penalty box and choked off any play down the middle we could conjure up. He then hit us on the counter, knowing our centre-backs are slow on the turn and not very good at set-pieces, relying on his lads to drive at the heart of our defense and aggressively attack headers in the box. Against all these moves (based on very simple observations, by the way) what did AVB do? Well, the equivalent of twiddling his thumbs. Overall, he was out-thought today. Big Sam honed his tactics to perfection against us while we flailed hopelessly against his own. And that has to be a black mark against AVB. Sort it out."
- DubaiSpur

Fat Sam has absolutely raped AVB, who has been getting by on the skin of his teeth for a long time. Today we've looked like the same sh*t as last season, minus Gareth Bale."
- Armchair Expert

"I don't believe this was some Big Sam masterclass. He probably can't believe his luck that we were so bad. I think the fact that they had more shots than us and won 3-0 shows more that this result was such a freak, no way did they play for that. 90% of teams will play the way Big Sam did today, and 70-80% of the time we will break it down. We showed flickers of what we could do in the first 50/60 minutes which follows the pattern of a lot of games, only when we've gone on to get the goal. This time it all went wrong. But I'm not worried. This was a nice wake up call and we are a still a quality side."
- BrainOfLevy

"Fair play to West Ham - they were by far the better team today and anything less than three points would have been an injustice."
- THFC6061

"Allardyce set them up brilliantly going 4-6-0, but we really struggled. This game highlighted everything that's wrong with Defoe's game. I thought Sigurdsson was poor too. We were poor defensively, but I thought Paulinho was the worst player on the pitch."
- AberYid

"The third goal was always likely to happen as we flooded forward to try and save the game, but I honestly thought at the very least we would utterly dominate possession and they would park the bus but that's not what happened. I don't know what the stats were but they kept the ball better than I thought they would. Diame gave us a torrid time, they won most of the 50/50s and looked dangerous from set pieces whereas we can't beat the first man from a corner. There was nothing lucky whatsoever about their third goal. We defended poorly today."
- Jurgen the German

"West Ham played well today, very little of the long ball nonsense. Allardyce outsmarted AVB simple as, he had his gameplan and it worked. We couldn't break them own then they broke and countered well. AVB had a shocker today, no denying that at all."
- AlMacca_

"Credit to West Ham. Can't even say that 3-0 flattered them in the end. I can't remember the last time we were so comprehensively out-thought and out-fought at home."
- ShelfLife

"Well, that was absolutely woeful. AVB was out-thought by Big Sam. Big ****ing Sam. Being out-thought by Mourinho I could easily stomach, but our mercurial Portuguese technician being schooled by Big f***ing Sam? I imagine for a few sections of our support, having just watched our extremely expensive side go down 3-0 at home to West Ham.....this will be the moment they start judging."
- DubaiSpur

"West Ham's first goal was a foul, the second goal was offside and massively lucky. The third goal was on the break when were trying to get back into the game. West Ham United had a lot of lot of luck today."
- markysimmo

"I don't care if West Ham fans are reading this and creaming themselves over this result. I have higher ambitions for this team than I'm sure West Ham fans have for theirs. I actually believed Tottenham would mount a serious championship challenge this year. But it's only October and they've already completely sh*t over my hopes with this abysmal result. I don't care what you say. We've just been done 3-0 at home to a ****ing West Ham team that are struggling at the bottom of the Premier League. 3-0 at home is a travesty. A ****ing TRAVESTY."
- TheSprocketMan

"I can't accept they tactically outmanoeuvred us. Thier game plan was to spoil and score at set pieces. We allowed it to happen by being poor . Sam Capone can't accept any credit. He must be sitting at home with a big cigar thinking how did that happen. Because they havn't got the players that are capable ."
- MrS

"I could just about take this result if they'd turned up and played us off the park. But I've never seen a sh*tter performance from an even sh*tter team who still won 3-0. The only thing I can give them credit for is that they defended well and were clinical when they got their breaks. They played their manager's tactics to a tee. We weren't good enough. On that we can all agree. But let's not forget they had two goals that were basically ricochets and were less than average for 90% of the match."
- jimmyriggle

"I hate to say it but fair play to the kid for their third, easily goal of the month there. This has to be our worse defeat at home since the 4-1 drumming at the hands our Newcastle back in 2008, absolutely humiliating."
- spurs' magna carter

"In the end the result flattered them, but accepting that and ignoring the 3-0 score as we were obviously chasing the game. Overall it was a close game with an even number of chances both ways. At home to a bottom half side that's not really good enough. We should have created more ourselves. Had we hammered them with chances and ended up losing 3-0 I wouldn't be nearly as unhappy."
- braineclipse

"The whole team, almost bar none were a shadow of anything we have seen so far. Quite how we managed to look so poor across the board, to a team like West Ham is a total mystery. It looked like we just expected to walk this, and looked stunned and (drunk) incapable of working out why it was all going wrong, but worst of all one step behind a fairly average team who just seemed to want to work that little bit harder."
- Mick Cooper

"The ****ing tossers proceeded to label us racists. For example, "No noise, from the racist boys". And pointing and chanting "racist" at anyone who chanted anything with the word "yid" in. I can't possibly describe how angry I was hearing this. I came so ****ing close to launching myself at them. Thank **** I didn't. I controlled myself, kicked the sh*t out of an empty seat in front of me and then got some whisky for the journey down the High Road. Much more sensible."
- alexwooty

"The main thing I'm pissed off about was that it was against West Ham."
- Pyro_era

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