Dicks denies Redknapp claims

  • by Staff Writer
  • Friday, 11th October 2013

Former Hammer Julian Dicks has denied claims by Harry Redknapp that he once returned for pre-season training two days late.

The former Hammers boss made the claim in his new book, which is being serialised by the Daily Mail this week. "Julian Dicks, our captain, was a terrific talent, but he didn't return from his summer holiday until two days after pre-season training had started," said Redknapp "His attitude was frighteningly poor at times."

However 45-year-old Dicks - who became a grandad for the first time this week - told followers of his Twitter account that Redknapp's recollection of the incident was wide of the mark. "No it's not true," he said. "I turned up the same day. A bit late but same day. When we left at the end of season, the date wasn't set to return."

Redknapp's questionable memory also came under attack when referring to a pre-season friendly at Oxford, during which supporter Steve Davies replaced the ineffective Lee Chapman.

"He [Davies] scored", Redknapp declared. "We couldn't believe it. He ran round the field like he'd won the World Cup -- we were killing ourselves on the touchline. The lads all signed his shirt and he was in the paper the next day with the biggest grin you've seen."

However for a fan who was present that night, the truth was somewhat different. "There was no goal; the goal was dissallowed for offside," said KUMB member mushy. "Becuase Harry has talked about it so many times in his stories, fiction becomes fact and history is re-written!"

Redknapp also came under fire this week for claiming that he'd do anything to renew his friendship with Billy Bonds, which broke down when Redknapp was accused of stabbing his former best friend in the back to win the managerial post at West Ham in 1994.

"What pains me is that I no longer have Bill as a friend, because I loved him and there is no way on earth I would have hurt him," said Redknapp. " I would swap still having Bill as a mate for all my seven years as West Ham manager."

Bonds - who has not spoken to Redknapp since they fell out 19 years ago - has refused to talk publicly about the incident, although speaking four yeras after the falling out in 1999 he made it clear that he had no intention of renewing their friendship.

"I don't want to meet Harry or work with him again. He keeps calling me a friend but I don't see him as one," said Bonds. "

"The last time I spoke to him was soon after I had left West Ham when he invited me back to have a photo taken with him. I had just left the place I loved after 27 years and he wanted me to make it look good for him. How selfish can you get? Of course I turned him down."

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