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  • Saturday, 23rd November 2013

The so-called "Special One" moans about the lack of a red card as a sycophantic press corps strangely forgets to ask why one of his players cheated to get a penalty for the second match running....

You couldn't ask for a better way to get your away form back on track?

Yes the game was good for us. It became very comfortable. I don't say everything was under control - at 2-1 with 15-20 minutes to go that could happen. They had a chance for that. They gave us a difficult game in the end so I can't say it was completely under control. But we became very comfortable very solid. The 3-0 could happen before and everyone in the stadium would agree.

Are you expecting a phone call from Mike Riley in the morning?

I spoke with Chris Foy and he told me it isn't a red card. He was 10 metres away, I was 50 metres away. I think the referee was very good today. The linesmen too. Possible red card - if Chris Foy says no, then no.

Was there any other explanation other than "no"?

It was the middle of the pitch. There wasn't the time or conditions to give me a full explanation.

Frank Lampard had gone ten games without a goal but he showed today that he still knows where the goal is?

He played very well. He was another one who was very comfortable on the pitch. He played differently from what he did before. He had the protection of Jon Obi Mikel to let him go a bit more. Mikel is good in the air for the first ball in front of the defenders. Lamps felt a bit more freedom to go and to support and to arrive in shooting areas. He played well but to be fair when the team plays so well it is easier for players to have good performances.

Was that overall your best performance this season?

I think we had a few matches where we played very well. Away in the Premier League we need to be most solid and consistent. We had a good second half against Tottenham but we didn't play well in the first half. We had some good moments against Norwich but not the complete game. Today from the start we looked very solid very stable. Everybody was committed to the clean sheet. They had one chance in the first half and I don't know who but at the far post in the second half they almost scored. We were committed to the clean sheet against a difficult opponent. Every set piece is a threat and they can be quite physical. We were both things at the same time. We coped with their style and when we had the ball we played to our qualities.

What about Oscar? Does he make a difference?

I think you think the same thing as I think! The question comes because you know he played fantastic. It doesn't matter where. In the middle, on the sides. He works hard he covers, he presses high, he gives a difficult time to opponents. He's a young kid and i's not easy to succeed in football in this country. The talent he has is not physical - he's a fragile boy, his talent is amazing and can only improve.

He and Hazard seem to have a bit of telepathy when they're given space?

We played in a way where we felt very comfortable Hazard today doesn't need to defend. We organised the team in a way where he was protected behind him. He just got the ball to turn into counter attack. It was frustrating that we didn't get the third goal sooner. When you are 2-0 against West Ham 2-0 isn't enough. They score in minute 89 then in the last minutes of extra time you are in danger.

So everything ends well. The victory was important after the last defeat.

Did Oscar get a injury?

No, he's ok.

Are you happy with Eto'o?

He's an attacking plus. He doesn't lose the ball. He holds the ball he waits for support. He's not the kind of striker who is obsessed with scoring goals. He's more obsessed with playing football. For hazard. Oscar and Lampard it's good to have him.They play the ball he can hold or touch and play in behind.Without being the fast player that he once was five years ago the quality's there.

In the last game against West Brom you said you made 14 mistakes. Where there any today?

What mistakes? Against West Bromwich? I was joking.

David Moyes has said he hasn't given up hope of getting Ronaldo back. What do you think the chances are that that will happen?

No idea.

Would you give them a run for their money if he wanted to return to the Premier League?

[Shrugs shoulders and smiles]

Ten games without a goal is unusual for Lampard. How much will getting two here do for him or is he so experienced it's like water off a duck's back?

He has nothing to prove to you, to me, to the fans. He just has to enjoy the last years of his career, to play the maximum he can. To score is part of his DNA as a player. I think I've come to him at the right time of his career. I was his manager in the best period of his career probably. And now I come back to enjoy with him the last art of his career. When he has good relations with his manager he is able to enjoy himself.

How long can he go on now? He's 35...

No idea!

Does he surprise you?

They stop when they want. You have to enjoy it and when they feel they don't enjoy it so much they stop.

Thank you.

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