So long, Longers!

  • by Staff Writer
  • Wednesday, 16th December 2015

James Longman, one half of KUMB's double awards-nominated Podcast team has confirmed that he will be leaving the show at the end of the year.

Longman, who presents the podcast alongside co-host Chris Scull has landed a role as producer of fellow Hammer James Corden's The Late Late Show in Los Angeles and flies out to the US next month to begin his new post.

Longman and special guest Russell Brand share a joke after recording the first episode of the current series

Scull, who has co-presented the Podcast with Longman since it first aired in January 2013 said: "I'm obviously aghast to be losing James to the glamour of Los Angeles and American late night chat. That said, it's obviously a tremendous opportunity and he'll be hugely missed both as a friend and a co-host.

"It is of some consolation however to be losing him to a fellow West Ham fan in James Corden; no doubt the latter has seen the amount of award nominations we've picked up recently and wants his share of the glory. I can hardly blame him.

"Along the way we've had some great moments; the week both of us were alone having failed to book a guest and the literally thousands of missed calls and ignored texts we've given Christian Dailly.

James is preparing for a new role with James Corden's The Late Late Show

"Then there was being sworn at by Mark Gattis in the National Theatre, taking Frank McAvennie out on the lash in Shoreditch and any amount of time spent in the company of Ian Bishop - not to mention trying, and failing, to get Ludo to sing his own song.

"His time on the Podcast has given me, and hopefully the listeners, memories that'll make us laugh for years to come. My bank account will miss having to constantly buy his tea in the Chicken Run before a game. But, as we say on this weeks episode, it's 'au revoir', not 'goodbye'. Hopefully, he'll deliver his 'Letter from America' segment on an ongoing basis.

"Plus, what's more, we've had a few ideas - and even if one of them comes off, this Podcast will fast transcend West Ham to become the most ridiculous sports Podcast on the planet. Who knows? We might even get Christian Dailly on."

Longman (left) with Sky TV's Bianca Westwood, Graeme Howlett and Chris Scull at last month's Football Blogging Awards

Meanwhile Graeme Howlett, Editor of KUMB added: "It's been an absolute pleasure working with James during the last three years.

"We've shared lots of laughs along the way and have been fortunate enough to bring some of the best stories from former players to the KUMB readers and listeners as a result of his dogged determination in tracking them down. Except Christian Dailly, of course.

"So on behalf of everyone else at, I'd like to wish James the very best of luck in his new role - and we look forward to catching up with him again once he's settled in LA."

Longman's replacement as co-host on the KUMB Podcast will be announced on next week's episode, his final appearance.

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