Enner fires back in paternity row

  • by Staff Writer
  • Monday, 10th October 2016

Enner Valencia has hit back at critics who accused him of failing to stay up to date with maintenence payments for his daughter.

Last week we revealed how the Hammers striker, currently on loan at Everton made a comical escape from the Estadio Olimpico Atahualpa by allegedly faking injury in order to avoid the attention of watching Police officers.

And having receiving widespread condemation for his antics, Valencia has fired back to clear up any misconceptions regarding his disappearance last week - whilst accusing ex-wife Synthia Pinargote of seeking personal financial gain.

"According to what has happened in the last few days and regarind the supposed non-fulfilment of my obligations as a father to my five-year old daughter Beira, I feel obliged to explain the truth of these matters to honour my family as well as my personal and professional image," he said in a statement relased via twitter.

"I am currently facing several lawsuits initiated by Sinthyia Pinargote Chumo, which I perceive are aimed exclusively on matters of economic and personal gain, such as the demand for maintenance, presented in 2015, where I set the amount of 30,000 dollars a month as alimony.

"Within the last two years, despite spending a sum estimated to be 100,000 US dollars, for pensions of food, which can be verified on the website of the judiciary, she has prevented me strengthening my relationship with my daughter, because her mother prevents me from exercising any contact on my visits when I am in Ecuador.

"After thinking all this through with my family, I decided to take legal action and ask for my daughter's custody. It is my intention to bring my daughter Beira to live and study in the UK, where I am based at the moment, so she can grow up within a stable family environment.

"In December 2015 my demand was accepted by the court and my daughter's custody was granted; the judge also ordered the immediate suspension of all alimony ppayments to Mrs Sinthya Pinargorte."

Valencia also hit out at his former partner for spending his monthly payments, that were intended for his daughter, on material items for herself.

"Among other facts, it was proven that she bought a luxury car, jewelllery, constatnt travels as well as the fact that my daughter was left abandoned, several times, on her own for long periods whilst her mother was performing her modelling and stripper activities at a gentlemen's night club in Guayaquil," he added."

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