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  • Sunday, 22nd January 2017

The Smoggies were less than happy with comments attributed to manager Aitor Karanka after West Ham's 3-1 win at the Riverside Stadium.

Karanka, speaking in his post-match press conference accused his own fans of failing to back the team. See how the 'Boro fans reacted to that - and yesterday's 3-1 defeat at home to West Ham - in this week's OV...

"Their first goal was awful defending from Bernardo... he looked scared of Carroll from the start. Second goal, again poor defending... we all switched off!! Third goal was always gonna happen when we are pushing for a equaliser... we are deep in a relegation battle and slowly losing confidence... recruits are required just to give the whole club a lift!"
- Smoggydownsouth

"Largely poor quality game between two poor sides littered with mistakes that led to it being more open than most of our usual performances. Result was more than fair and indeed could have been worse if West Ham had been given the penalty they should have had almost on half time when Friend brought their lad down or Lanzini hadn't bottled his chance early in the second half. Either would have ended the game as a contest there and then. For the all the talk that this was a more attacking display I'd be willing to bet that they had more shots than us and they certainly had better chances. No idea where we go from here. Karanka's comments were pathetic and really don't hold up to scrutiny for people prepared to actually think them through properly. He keeps changing the team and to my mind this is now affecting us. As it is, it feels as if we're reliant on the teams below us continuing to be rubbish because we just don't look like winning games. Big week for all concerned coming up I'd say."
- Changing Times

"First half, Traore was getting to the byeline repeatedly, putting some great balls across the face of goal which only required a touch, brimming with confidence and working well. So we change it! Absolutely unbelievable. Traore did his best and he put in a good ball on his left foot but we just made it more difficult for our most dangerous player! Anyway obviously I'm stupid and I failed to see the genius and logic of this decision."
- borodrew

"Karanka was perfectly justified in his after-match comments. He did drag us kicking and screaming out of the Championship relegation zone and into the Premier League. It wasn't easy and we scraped through at our second attempt, but he did it. This season is all about consolidation and, as someone recently pointed out very accurately, keeping a clean sheet is the name of the game right now. That means defensive football, which is not exactly entertaining at the best of times, but a necessary evil at the moment. I don't think any team or manager is beyond criticism but the behaviour of many fans recently has been over the top. It's also quite noticeable, of course, that our attendances have increased considerably since we got promoted (30,000 odd today), and so too has the criticism of Karanka. Might it not be possible that the fans who expected us to beat West Ham were not those who turned out to watch us play against Rotherham last season?"
- Oslo_Syd

"Creativity is what West Ham had. We were better organised, won more 50/50 balls and worked harder etc. but they had an advantage over us with flair, strength and better quality service. We are not able to strangle teams in the Premier League, they are too strong and won't be bullied. The lack of quality won't be made up by effort and determination in most games. We need quality, not speed. Both really. But quality over speed."
- Dynamo Kev

"Having read Karanka's comments I'm not to fussed, if i'm honest. Think it roughly translates as "please show me some loyalty". Without him - he is right, we would be lingering in league one. Probably still shouldn't have said it - not that it makes anything he said wrong. I think i am more upset with the local RAG coming out with 'AIitor Slams Fans'. Did he? or did he slightly criticise them for this one match (out for 150+ he has managed)? What's that? Boro fans criticise the team daily yet are criticised once themselves they go home to their message boards crying and sobbing claiming foul and uncalled for. Confused. Big babies, grow up ya fannies."
- boroinbishop

"That's the worst I have seen us, West ham were terrible. We played firmly into their hands - attack them and Carroll will do nothing. Negredo won everything, no-one to play off him all game. Bring on Bamford and put him on the wing. We are going down with a whimper, let's go for teams, play two up front. It's not difficult to understand."
- Raf smog

"I don't think it'll be long before the fans start turning on Karanka if it carries on like this. We were much better going forward today but if it's not one thing it's another... We still seriously seriously lack creativity, even when Ramirez is playing he's too inconsistent. But the real problem today was our defence, I mean we were seriously shoddy and the blame has to lie with Karanka because despite them having Andy Carroll up front why do you drop Fabio who has arguably been our best performer over the last few games? For me it was a no brainer to keep the Gibson-Chambers partnership, let them deal with Carroll and put Fabio right back. I'm also bemused at Karanka coming out after the game and making those comments, I was at the game and the fans were behind the team 100% all the way."
- Middlesborough

"Thought it was a pretty decent game today and we didn't play badly at all. The 3-1 flattered them, it was a typical smash and grab. I believe if Carroll hadn't been playing, we'd have won that. Unfortunately, what he lacks in grace and decorum, he makes up for in his attacking prowess. Traore had a great game, he was absolutely torturing their defence, both left and right sides. His end product was pretty good as well, couple of cut backs in the first half that were begging for a tap-in and a few decent crosses in the second half. We were unlucky that that chance that pinged off the crossbar didn't go in and Gestede's decent shot went just wide... on another day that would have been a decent win."
- boro-unger

"Another 90 minutes in a freezing cold stadium, watching freezing cold football. Karanka thinks the atmosphere was poor (I suppose that's the cause of the three goals), didn't seem seem any different to me, bit like the football... I've never seen such an inept striker in a Boro shirt as Negrado; I'd like to know what percentage of Negrado's wage Karanka gets if he plays the full 90. The ship is starting to take in water and i think captain Karanka ain't got a big enough pan to get rid of it, time you headed off back to Spain and take Negrado with you."
- Johnboro2007

"I thought Traore was a constant threat. That performance was the reason Chelsea are looking at him. Their full backs got no peace and his passing and crossing were 100 per cent better than we have seen to date. If he can replicate that performance and maybe add a goal threat then I for one hope we keep him. The oly downside today was some defensive naivety. Wanted someone to really clatter Carroll early."
- Tudders80

"Just ordered too much pizza. It was the fans' fault..."
- fassbender

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