The opposition view: Preston

  • by Staff Writer
  • Monday, 23rd July 2018

It's not often we get the opportunity to enjoy an OV during the summer - so make the most of this one thanks to Our Friends In The North...

"Here's a rare thing, an enjoyable pre-season game. Lots of positives, the main one being our fitness was ahead of West Ham. We bossed the last 20 minutes and they were struggling from the missed penalty. Sublime finish from Bodin, he really is a talent, shades of Bergkamp in that goal. When Seani came on the whole pace of the game changed, someone spinning away and hunting the channels. A delight to watch."
- york white

"Arnautovic is different class. Too good to be at West Ham. Thought we were very impressive in the second half. Bodin's goal was top drawer, as was the ball from Hughes."
- sf

"All in all, a really decent performance against a full strength West Ham side. Thought the work rate was excellent. If we continue to play like that in the Championship, we'll put a lot of teams to the sword. Ledson looks the real deal. Fisher just seems to be getting better and better."
- giro

"Second half particularly I thought we were easily the better team. After Wilshere went off we overran them in midfield and controlled the game. West Ham resorted to sneaky and cynical fouling. We played some nice tidy football and Bodin's goal was top class. They looked dangerous on the few breaks they had but their day was summed up when Noble took the ball off a player on a hat trick for the penalty."
- JK

"It wasn't a great penalty [by Mark Noble] but Maxwell did what I think keepers always ought to do - wait to see which way the ball is going before diving. If keepers did that then penalty takers would have to hit the ball hard and into the corner - it would also mean that penalties hit straight down the middle would generally be saved. But Maxwell has the knack of being able to save penalties with some frequency."
- ernest

"West Ham worth a punt for relegation? I know it's only a friendly, but..."
- Paul Szacsky

"Some of the defending was the main negative, needs working on. Davies is done by a straight ball from a set-piece for the goal, Arnautovic (a class player capable of playing for a top six side IMHO) one-on-one. Earl is done by a pretty basic ball when he gives away the penalty as well. Mind you, Maxwell, Fisher and Clarke were all good. Main positives, probably how good we looked going forward in the second half and the performances of some of our midfielders."
- sedgwick__7

"Regarding Wilshere, I don't think he is as top class as he should be. At 18/19 he had so much potential but has never full filled it and at 26 looks the shadow of the player he was when he first started. Struggled to nail down a spot at Bournemouth a few years ago and only played in the second half of last season because Ramsay and Ozil were injured."
- White123

"Decent game. Arnoutovic looked class, his second goal was very good. Bit of a nasty beggar though, likes putting his elbow in people's faces! Though I thought Wilshere looked ordinary. Was a little disappointed as I expected to see a top class player. Others may disagree, so I will reiterate - it is only my opinion!"
- Woody01

"Hugill didn't even make the bench. Cheers for the dosh Moyes."
- PNE Chris

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