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  • Monday, 25th February 2019

Hand ball! Hand ball! Hand ball! No prizes for guessing what Fulham fans were left raging about following West Ham's 3-1 win at the Olympic Stadium on Friday night. It's all in the latest edition of the OV...

"The hand ball was not picked up in real time and there was hardly any reaction from our players to question the goal. During the countless replays of the goal, including the one from behind the ref's line of sight, the header did look legitimate so perhaps we offer some slack there. The lino would have been unsighted so it was only Ranieri who spotted it and questioned the goal. Does he have eagle eyes or a monitor or did the big screen give it away? The replays of the side-on view show the whole awkwardness of the double movement and also show how it was impossible to spot from any other angle. What we needed was plain simple honesty or VAR."
- ScalleysDad

"A tight call and the player's response in keeping quiet is what is called 'being professional'. I will remember it as 'the hand of a Hammer goal' that is not quite blatant enough to match the 'Hand of God' goal. Wasn't that important anyway as they would have scored another goal if needed."
- filham

"Once more Fulham were blatantly robbed. Officials only see what they wish to see and they wanted West Ham to win - the PL has the worst refereeing standards in the world: it harms honest teams like Fulham and possibly Spurs, while aiding Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal (Sky's team) unfairly. The hand ball by Hernandez was blatant and clear, yet none of the officials saw this. Even Raneiri witnessed it and he was on the halfway line. One was disappointed that not more players reacted including our man on the goalline to this 'game changer', as otherwise Fulham were playing well and on course for a well-earned win."
- Nick Bateman

"I actually felt that we put in a performance and despite the loss I thought we were worthy of that stage. Didn't much like the hand ball nor the way Hernandez stood constantly in front of Rico. Methinks we have to sandwich a player in to that scenario so that he can turf that Little Pea out of the 'keeper's way! Sadly another defeat is very distressing and will probably only serve to cement what we already know. Let's not do too much whinging, we all hate this mess and I for one can't wait for this season to be history."
- Fluts

"I thought the hand ball was always going to be irrelevant as we were always going to concede at least three or more goals. How on earth can you allow the likes of Zabeleta and Creswell the time and space to cross balls at will? Every time the ball came in from wide or set pieces it was like hiding behind the settee! The goalie has had a 'mare like a rabbit in the headlamps at crosses and as for the third goal he went down in stages. Heard on the wireless something like we have the worst defensive record across Europe or conceded the most amount in Europe - there's something for any of our defenders to hang their hat on! Thought second half there was a small improvement but overall another weak and timid performance from this Fulham team that shows no stomach for a fight. Ranieri has not improved anything from what I've seen but I do feel the players are getting off lightly with performances so underwhelming for a team who have struggled all season."
- Jimmy Dunne

"When West Ham's hand ball scorer first arrived at Old Trafford his nick name was 'The Little Pea', perhaps it should now be 'The Little S***'?"
- bog

"My hopes were lifted for the first ten minutes of that game but then we returned to form. Yes I am depressed this morning and confused as I thought Ranieri 's team selection was good, we just havn't got the quality or the physical strength in the team, The rest of the season is going to be dreadful."
- filham

"Mistakes made by the manager! We did not play badly but as usual mistakes were made! Cairney was responsible for some of our best moments with his ability to carry the ball forward and pass the ball well. Why on earth is this manager playing him wide right? Serri did well in the first half, why was he substituted? Sessegnon created the first goal and although he was not at his best how does taking him off help his confidence? Chambers was ineffective and cannot pass the ball forward and he should have been swapped for Anguissa. Babel and Mitro both did well but our full backs failed to get forward. There is hardly any communication between Ranieri and the players and it is clear he has lost the dressing room. He does not inspire confidence or motivate the players. He will go but it needs to be sooner rather than later otherwise most of the better players will be off. It never deserved to be a 3-1 loss."
- Alboy

"I don't think we were clueless. I thought we were the better team - apart from West Ham's surge after the equaliser. Ridiculous hand ball goal. Pathetic goalkeeping."
- Baszab

"It happened again. A player - in this case Diop - scored his first goal for his club. Players who haven't scored for years must look at the fixtures in the hope they are playing us next.
How many times does this happen?"
- Mince n Tatties

"Sessegnon really does not look confident at all when trying to do anything defensively. Watch him in that Diop goal, there is one angle they showed and his face was one of 'fear', and he even had his hands up in a kind of 'ohhhh handbags' manner. In general he never looks up for going in for a tackle to me, this season anyway. He plays as though he does not want to risk any kind of injury at all. I think he is a quality player, as a forward, he can look real quality, silky and with a nice touch, but the kid is never a defensive one."
- Steeeeeeeeeed

"It's not the fact we'll be relegated that hurts, it's the manner of how we're going down that's really getting to me. Dumping last years heroes without giving them a fair chance. Sacking Slav so early. Losing our style. Not putting up a fight. Alienating the fans. Raising ticket prices. So much wrong at the club at the moment."
- Ted

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"I am getting fed up with owners who look on us supporters as cash cows, they think we can be bled of every last penny. I am getting fed up with owners who come in and think that, even though they know nothing, that they know better than the professionals. I am fed up with TV companies who think that their armchair viewers are more deserving than those of us who go out in all weathers to support our team, despite how badly they are playing. I am fed up with the football authorities who bend their knee to the same TV companies who are gradually ruining our game - the same authorities who seem to think that the lower leagues don't matter. The Premier League is the only ship that's worth floating. Now, am I fed up with Fulham? No, of course not. Bad as we are at the moment. Things will improve, when? well. I don't know, but improve they will."
- Peabody

"There were a small element of drunk idiots there. I'm passionate about my team but honestly, some of the blokes last night were spitting feathers. A few drinks and stick them in a football stadium turns little boys into big assholes. Heard some stuff, admittedly from just one bloke about our chairman's son that I wont repeat on here but it had nothing to do with his performance. It's a game of football for God's sake."
- 70sPimlico

"If there was ever a typical example of the modern day football experience, then look no further than what was on offer on Friday night. It was played at a time that suited all those that didn't even go to the game. Played in a soulless stadium that apart from the fog that swirled into the uppers reaches of the stadium was devoid of any atmosphere whatsoever. A stadium, it should be remembered - just like Manchester City's - that has been bank-rolled by the tax payer. And this is an experience that many would wish to continue. The same people who spend a sizable chunk of the time not watching the game but effing and blinding at the opposition. And when they are not doing that they are busying themselves in the concourses with a spot of beer throwing, with complete disregard to their fellow supporter."
- Bobby Keetch

"We need a boost. We need a sugar rush. This can only happen with a change of manager. If we get rid now, we could still get enough points. We just need a motivator and an ex-player would seem best placed. Parker and/or Murphy would be a worthwhile gamble, we have nothing to lose. With CR in place we will not get to 25 points."
- ALG01

"With 11 games to go, could Big Sam save us if we got him in now? Maybe if we had got him in instead of Claudio Ranieri in November. Big Sam would not get us playing good football, but he might have got us more wins that CR."
- The Swan

"I generally feel depressed. But I'm making logroll edging at the moment for the garden. This involves hitting bits of wood and nails with a hammer and a mallet which may make me feel better..."
- Berserker

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