The opposition view: Cardiff City

  • by Staff Writer
  • Sunday, 10th March 2019

Well it had to happen eventually. Following seven straight wins in all competitions, the Hammers found themselves on the end of a defeat against our Welsh cousins.

See how Bluebirds fans reacted to their 2-0 win over the Hammers in the latest edition of the OV...

"Warnock got it spot on today. I thought our midfield were superb with Camarasa and Arter attacking at will, and gunna biting at their ankles. Big shout out to Niasse he was excellent too. I got the buzz back!"
- Dahboy

"I thought the ref was quite good today overall and I know that I see the games through blue tinted glasses. But I just can't understand how it always seems to be that our players get booked frequently for the first foul they make in the game but the opposition rarely seem to get booked for similar or even worse challenges. Morrison was booked today for a challenge that he was absolutely entitled to make on their 'keeper. Their big centre half completely wiped Hoilett out yet no card. Their number 10 made three fouls in quick succession today and didn't even get spoken to. Maybe our reputation from last season as a "dirty" team has followed us into the Premier League but it is completely unjustified. In fact with the exception of Harry Arter, if anything we're not nasty enough sometimes."
- davids

"Harry Arter got an undeserved early booking but still went in for everything with total commitment; I would love to know the distance he covered today. A fantastic composed performance - although him and Gunners could do with some shooting practice..."
- BiglicksMcGoo

"I would have loved to see Niasse cap a superb performance with a goal, but the fact that he missed a couple of glorious opportunities meant my vote went to Camarasa for his first half performance. He has to remain in the number 10 role as he bossed the game and found so much space to create by playing centrally and further forward. Shout outs too to Arter who was like a man posessed and Gunnarsson who broke up everything in front of the back four. His distribution was better than of late too."
- Bluebird For Life

"West Ham 'fans'. All they cared about was us? Didn't hear a single song for their own team, manager, players. "You're going down", "shall we sing a song for you", "2 nil and you still don't sing"... Original. What a bunch of idiots..."
- jimmy_rat

"I was in the Upper Ninian, and West Ham were quite loud. They couldnt hear the Canton, so they did the "shall we sing a song for you" stuff, plus Bubbles a couple of times. Second half they lost interest. Acoustics not great in that ground."
- rumpo kid

"Were West Ham really ninth before today? Christ, they barely got in our half until 30 minutes and did nothing for 60. Four-nil would have been a fair reflection. What a load of guff they were, played off the park..."
- goats

"Javier Hernandez scored a blatant hand ball goal last month that was missed by the officials. He got booked for simulation today. Are there many bigger cheats in the league than him at the moment?"
- Heisenberg

Having just seen that Southampton turned their game around, I must admit I'm feeling a little deflated. That said, had they won and we lost, it would be game over for the season, so today's win seems even more crucial now. I've been very critical of Warnock in recent weeks and months, particularly his tactics. Today, though, we were fantastic, and there wasn't a single glimpse of the tactics I've been complaining about for so long. 14 heroes played for us today. The Southampton score is a killer, but we still have some games we can get points from if we play like today. And that's the key: we MUST play like today."
- KWest

"Because of our dire goal difference, I think we are looking at finishing on 38 points to guarantee EPL safety. Only in 2011 that wasn't enough to stay up - with Birmingham City the final club to get relegated that year on a high-thirty point total. They had a decent goal difference. Little doubt now we will likely need to take a minimum of another four points from our remaining three home fixtures and potentially target two wins at Fulham, Burnley and/or Brighton. It could be tight, but I firmly believe we must take another 10 points from our remaining eight games."
- Forever Blue

"Morrison's challenge was a lenient yellow/harsh red. He was lucky he didnt connect with the GK's face. I know there was no intent, but it was dangerous play. I was seriously hoping the ref went easy on us. Live play looked like it was there to be won but the replay showed it totally differently. Great win though boys, desperately needed with Southampton winning!"
- skusey1207

"I'm not a Gunnarsson fan, but today he had his best game in a long time. Murphy was unselfish, particularly in the first half; Arter covered every blade of grass and just about managed to reign in his enthusiasm to save himself a second yellow; Camarasa showed the quality we all know he has; Hoilett worked hard too and had some nice runs, as did Niasse (needs to improve his final touch though!). Great team performance!"
- Rock_Flock_of_Five

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