The opposition view: Huddersfield Town

  • by Staff Writer
  • Monday, 18th March 2019

It was business as usual for bottom-of-the-table Huddersfield on Saturday as they fell to a predictable defeat against West Ham.

However the manner of defeat was most certainly not of the regular variety, leaving many Terriers fans slightly less disheartened that at most weekends. Not in association with Absolute Warehouse Services, here's your latest edition of the OV...

"Was nice to sit through a game and not be completely out of it and bored. An enjoyable match really, all be it with poor defending from both sides. Inevitable collapse once their second went in but at least there's some positives. Feel sorry for the travelling fans, crap travelling conditions and a cruel end."
- colnevalleyblue

"Bacuna and Grant were stand-outs. Bacuna, plenty of tricks and bottle. Grant has something Mounie and Del Potro don't have, balance, a forward drive, a dropped shoulder and a wicked shot. Lossl. I dont rate him and never have, too many errors, too many kicking errors, no idea about time management and up in their box on 92 exactly with over three minutes to play... plain stupid. As for Billing... it all went to rat-shit when he came on again. Headless. He was out of position two of the goals. What did he do exactly today? The match was a complete comedy of errors. Lets be frank....we were beaten by a team with nothing to play for."
- otium (EPBS)

"Should have won that game, but always felt we needed to score five to be in with a chance especially with that shit defence. Very entertaining game and could shock a big club if Jan can get the defence right. Jan can only play the shite Wagner left him and maybe the best attacking team performance i have seen for a veery long time."
- Sugy, Paignton Devon Terrier

"In this League you can't stand off the opposition and let them play, nor can you constantly hoof the ball out and not expect it to come straight back. We did both, came out second best in most of the one-on-ones and fell asleep at two critical points. Having said that, we had a chance to win it before they scored and we netted three times with a team which chose itself by being the only ones capable of standing. I enjoyed the game, would have been a great boost to have won, but that's life, I'm over it already and on my third Peroni of the evening. Cheers to,all the lads and lasses who made the journey."
- explorer

"Seemed like we deserved a draw at least, but that's the season for us right there. If there's any truth in that luck evens itself out, they must be saving a truckload up for us for next season. Pleased that we at least scored some goals and the new lad is getting some confidence."
- themanfromatlantis

"Rubbish. Again. Grant was awesome, so was Mooy and Bacuna. Grant frightened West Ham, why was he taken off? He goes off, game totally changes. Defend from the front, right? Grant highlights how absolute dog shit Mounie really is. As for Puncheon? LMAO."
- gymroidspump

"West Ham's third goal. Lossl retrieves ball from behind goal and literally hands it to the West Ham player to go and take the corner. At what point do we stop being nice chaps? He may have been better booting it into the crowd, or maybe let the West Ham player fetch his own bastard ball."
- smax

"Frustrating to lose but a few positives. Young lads Bacuna and Grant will be real players next season. Three goals today means we should now pass Derby's record of fewest goals in a Premier League season. Silver linings and all that."
- HuddsTerrier

"Puncheon, whack him on the tube home. Mounie, put him up for a ?1m in the summer and get gone sharpish, that lad is absolute dross and lazy as fuck for a man with only 20 minutes to play and fresh as anything. Jan's fault though I'm afraid, shit luck and it was bound to happen at 2-3. Next season I've a major feeling it's going to be youthful players, with a touch of experience, because they seem to want it and have the desire. Bacuna and Grant, absolutely immense today, Stankovich will boss it in the Championship too I think. Build the team around these three, add a good goalkeeper and we have a good base for a really good team next season."
- spezial

"We scored as many goals today, as we have since Christmas, and folk still aren't happy."
- Mole Smooth (RSPB)

"Jan's decision for the retain list was clarified somewhat today.... Three subs that came on won't (hopefully) be at our club next season. Maybe we can retire them all to a Donkey Sanctuary somewhere in the Black Country (i.e Wolverhampton before anyone reaches the phone to dial 999). Lossl - well he can retire to Monaco and eat museli till he sh!ts himself to death for all I care..."
- terriertim

"You can't polish a turd. Play it up front and it'd probably do more than Mounie, however."
- impact

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