The opposition view: Manchester Utd

  • by Staff Writer
  • Monday, 15th April 2019

The general consensus from the Red side of Manchester is that West Ham United were extremely hard done by on Saturday evening. Not that we didn't know that already.

Enjoy the thoughts of those from oop North in your latest edition of the OV...

"Poor performance overall, but three vital points. Got to feel sorry for West Ham fans as they were probably the better team overall. We just seemed intent on being unable to do simply things at times, and created problems for ourselves. It was good to see Ole look to Mason even when we were chasing the win. Even if he didn't do to much on the pitch today, that faith in a young player has to give them confidence."
- Dargonk

"Boring to watch. Love that Ole looks so pissed today. Incoming hairdryer? De Gea's God save, Pog-penalties and referee calls won us the game - plus West Ham couldn't be clinical for their other chances. Our first penalty, the foul seems to be just outside the box. Thanks anyway, ref. West Ham's first goal wrongly ruled offside. Dalot played the goal onside. Thanks, linesman."
- Rifer

"That's up there for one of the most hollow wins I can remember. Two penalties, one was probably outside the box. West Ham had a goal wrongly ruled out for offside and dominated us, missing loads of chances."
- Shane88

"More shots and more possession for West Ham on our own patch. All the best chances too. They just strolled through our midfield, an they kept taking the same corner over and over and we failed to deal with it every time. Clueless performance. Majority of players looked like they didn't give a shit. Strolling around, losing the ball, not reacting. It was an iffy throw from De Gea for their equaliser, but Pogba just trotted towards the ball with no desire of winning it or making sure they didn't attack from it. No idea how he wasn't first to it. Poor."
- OnlyTwoDaSilvas

"That was abysmal. Worse than anything I've seen in last 6 or 7 years. No credit to anyone. Forget about top four or progressing in European cup. We need to replace so many players it could take years, we are so far behind the top teams."
- Bestofthebest

"People seem to forget that West Ham have played superbly against all the top 6 and have been very unlucky. The reverses have been flattering to the the top 6: Liverpool lucky to get a draw, City lucky pen, Chelsea win through Hazard's brilliance and so on. Where they've been poor is against sides they're expected to beat. They are horribly inconsistent. Having said that, I don't care how awful we were, I hate West Ham so I can't say I care too much,and as for feeling sorry for their vile supporters."
- Inigo Montoya

"Phew. As said, West Ham can't play like this every week or they'd be challenging for top four."
- Moriarty

"Not a good game but I love that we get the three points when the media are well prepared to talk about decisions going our way too much, us being lucky etc. It is a lot of that and I hate it because it is bullshit. You never hear anything about it when we are being robbed a lot more clearly than marginal decisions, so it's good we can stick it to them with the three points after a bad performance."
- MikeKing

"A rather fortunate win. Pogba and Fred did well. Rojo sleeping for their goal. Mata at least won the penalty but didn't do much else. Martial not a great day but at least involved in both penalties. Lingard, as usual the biggest waste of space, the game just passes him by, hopefully he won't play on Tuesday. Please go away."
- Paul the Wolf

"That was dire. Three points at the squeaky bum stage of the season as [Man] United are going all out for top four, but West Ham outplayed [Man] United. Performance wise, as bad as anything witnessed in the years since Fergie left. Three points is the only positive, it could have been worse and [Man] United dropped one or all three. [Man] United were poor all over the pitch, no cohesion and a complete lack of organisation."

"West Ham lost that, we didnt win it. Disappointed in Ole. How Lingard survived the 90 is a beyond me. Absolutly stealing a living."
- Reddy Rederson

"Least deserved win since... well, Watford. Why does every single team look more comfortable on the ball than us? Why can every single team cut through us like we're not even there? Why is our movement and pressing so garbage? Is there even a point to travelling to Barcelona?"
- Siorac

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