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  • Sunday, 28th April 2019

Anyone coming here looking for a string of bitter, hate-fuelled rants following West Ham's 1-0 win at Spurs' new gaff on Saturday, largely featuring the words "their", "cup" and "final", will be absolutely delighted.

Meanwhile Tottenham fans attempt to wrestle the award for most "bluds" and "fams" in a three-minute video from their best mates at Arsenal Fan TV. Enjoy the latest edition of the OV; we think you might.

"FFS. We will NEVER hear the last of this."
- simfin

"We were loads better than them in the first half, but they defended really well. We can't finish at the minute. Sonny's had three bad games in a row. We won the first half on points. Second half, they outplayed us, in defence, midfield and attack. We particularly lost the game in midfield, against Mark fucking Noble, who had a great game. Their counter attacks, with Antonio and the rest were always dangerous. On balance, they deserved it. The ref had a great game, reffed it like a cup final in my mate's words."
- Bill Madrid

"Was always gonna be a tough game - they are always up for it. I watched them at Old Trafford a couple of weeks ago and they should have had the game won before the second penalty. Weird team, so many injures and not 100% [fit] players. We are a shadow of ourselves without Winks and Sissoko in the middle."
- Hulk

"Difficult afternoon where nothing really dropped for us and the energy wasn't intense enough for a London Derby for understandable yet inexcusable reasons. Frustrating to lose not because it's West Ham but because it would have pretty much meant we could go into the last two league fixtures focusing on keeping energy with the semi finals in mind. A smash and grab without us really putting any genuine pressure on their backline. A little bit too much of an arrogant performance for my liking but if we get a comfortable win vs Ajax this will all soon be forgotten."
- Park Lane Mark Twain

"Having had a ST these last 2 seasons, this is the first game I've been to where I've actually questioned why I bother. That includes Wembley (which I didn't enjoy) and many a worse performances in that time, so struggling to articulate why this is the case! Saw the line up and spotted as many on here did that it was flawed. Lack of passion. Lack of imagination - both on the pitch and on the bench. And a whole 24 hours to wait and pray for a Woolwich loss/draw and Chelsea loss."
- TommyD123

"We shouldn't have been dragged into a situation where we're relying on other teams to do us favours when Levy has overseen 18 fucking months of zero fucking investment and failed to support our best manager in a generation. Sorry, but I just get sick and tired of supporters clutching at straws and defending the obvious root cause of our collapse in form."
- John Thomas

"The atmosphere was shit in the second half. We were well up for it at the start, but as it became more and more obvious the players weren't responding , I think most gave up. I know I did. A day to forget for me. I stayed at a friend's in Shrewsbury last night and decided at 8am to get a ticket for the game. Three hour drive to Cheshunt, then the train to the stadium where I arrived at 12.15, only to be told my ticket wasn't on my card so had to sprint to the ticket office and get a paper version. Got in my seat a few seconds after kick off. Kind of went downhill from there. Still in a fucking awful mood now. Gonna take me a while to forgive the players for this."
- StuG

"In the last 15 games we have picked 22 points. That's seven points worse than Man Utd, six than Woolwich and two than Chelsea. Needless to mention the league leaders. This form puts us on the 10th place, on par with Everton, Watford, Wolves and Southampton. But worse than Crystal Palace, Newcastle or Burnley."
- theromanianjackass

"That was fucking shit. I'm sorry, but anyone who thinks that game doesn't mean anything needs their fucking head testing. We were second to every bloody ball. Three points dropped coz they wanted it more. Fair play to them, they deserved it. Llorente is proper shit."
- Techno

"As far as I'm concerned, It is what it is! We move onto our most important Semi Final Ever! WH season is now over, they got there trophy. We move on. I know by Tuesday id have forgotten all about today."
- aaronw

"We'll have played 14 or 15 games more games than them by the end of the season. It showed today. If we want to compete with Liverpool or Man City we need a squad that can cope with playing 60 games a season. We simply don't have that. We can't continue carrying injury prone and substandard players. It just increases the workload on the core group, themselves mostly internationals with that extra game time to play."
- NW1Spur

"Fuck. Take the sting and move on. I'm going to avoid football until Tuesday night. West ham will brag about getting the first win, but TBH who cares. It'll drift into the past and eventually be forgotten, like all things are."
- Princess Bleach

"I think the last time I felt this angry about losing to the Spammers was in 2016 when they stopped us going top. That was a game that mattered a lot back then (the first time we would have been top all season and since 1964 ). The match report from that game said: 'There is no reason to lose faith in a Spurs side that has come so far this season - but they still need to answer the question about whether they can crack it when the heat is on, because they came up short at West Ham'. It's been a lovely journey, but tonight it's not feeling like much has changed. Whether we like it or not the heat was on today, it was a must win, we came up short."
- LeeMcl

"We played very well in the first half, we should have scored but didn't. We didn't turn up in the second half, too many stray passes and tiredness, Janssen nearly scored. Wanyama for Lucas?! Terrible day in the office. Let's hope it won't be costly. We lost the wetspam cup."
- hrytn

"We're in a European cup semi final, whatever happens they'll never have that feeling. They won their cup, let them enjoy it, we've got a chance to parade the absolute pinnacle of European football around Tottenham in three games time. Yeah I'm probably jinxing it by saying all this but fuck it, they know their place, and it's behind us by a mile, on and off the field."
- Larry David

" billion pound stadium to watch fucking Llorente and Janssen upfront. Can you imagine if them cunts stop us from getting top 4 yet again? Why is it always fucking them?"
- Maccer

"Today was.....I couldn't give a fuck if we are third. It just makes it more of a disaster of anything. No one has said third is embarrassing from what I can see. But to choose West Ham as the first team to score and win at NWHL couldn't be more of a fucking cunt. Our players, today, were a fucking bunch of two bob cunts, nearly to a man. Being 3rd doesn't change that."
- sammyspurs

"Such a shame our first defeat at the new stadium was against that lot. What a load of wank."
- ElTel

"Fucking shameful, they haven't won away at a top six club since 2015, they haven't won away for four months and they haven't kept a clean sheet away since December. Utterly fucking shambolic from us letting these cunts get the first win here."
- Incomplete_usernam

"The history books will forever show that scummy clusterfuck of a club as being the first away scorers and the first away winners, unless we do something about it. Let's build a new stadium and move!"
- Maccer

"I'm staring at my aquarium and thinking how much all those brainless little fish swimming around in random directions remind me of today's Spurs performance."
- chubbs

"Not sure how I really feel about this result in the overall grand scheme of things. I know the fact is we are all thinking about a CL semi final. That's human nature. We can still get Top 4. There is that too. However the history books will show in the first month of opening our new stadium West Ham came and became the first team to take all 3 points and break our undefeated streak in Tottenham. That stings. Always there for them to go on about. Imagine Brady right now....... FFS. Love you Spurs, you stupid ass fuckwits, You absolute Twats. West Ham of all teams......."
- SpursUltra

"We should try signing Arnautovic even if it dosen't work it could turn his head and fuck up their whole squad mentality."
- Hotspurio

"So now we join Woolwich, of all goddamn teams, in the group of teams who had their first defeat at the new ground to West Ham. Fucking end me."
- Darnswim

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