OSB embroiled in fresh controversy

  • by Staff Writer
  • Tuesday, 7th May 2019

Karren Brady's controversial Official Supporters' Board is already one person short following the 'mutually agreed' departure of the former away fans representative back in February.

The member in question stepped down - or was pushed, depending upon which version of events you believe - after some posts of a questionable nature present on their social media channel were reported to anti-discrimination group Kick It Out.

Speaking at the time, a West Ham Ham spokesman told the Guardian: "West Ham United can confirm that following some of the content being brought to the club's attention by Kick it Out, it was felt by both parties that it was no longer appropriate for [said individual] to hold a position on the Official Supporters' Board."

However screenshots sent to KUMB this week reveal that the timeline of another current member of the OSB - the identity of whom we are aware but have refrained from publishing - also features posts of a racist and misogynistic nature, examples of which may be seen below (warning: these images may cause offence).

Copies of the posts, which are of a similar nature to those which resulted in the member's former colleague being hastily removed from Brady's OSB, were taken at the end of March but still remain live (at time of writing).

Meanwhile the OSB member in question - pictured above in silhouette with vice chair Karren Brady - called for fellow West Ham fans involved in the on-field protests that took place during the Burnley match last season to be banned for life, in a separate post.

The following message was posted on social media prior to the OSB's introduction in late 2018; the individual's name, location and profile image have been removed in order to protect their identity.

The process to determine who would be a valid candidate for membership of the OSB was conducted by a small panel that was carefully selected by the club.

"The process was open and available to all supporters to apply and applications were anonymised and scored by an independent panel and representatives selected by them," a club spokesman told The Guardian recently.

"The supporters receiving the highest score in each area were selected as a supporter representative."

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