The opposition view: Brighton & Hove Albion

  • by Staff Writer
  • Sunday, 18th August 2019

Our genial hosts this weekend are our friends from the south coast. Read what they thought of West Ham's performance, VAR and the match in general, in this week's edition of the OV...

"God bless Graham. He's the manager I've been waiting over a year for. This football is a joy to watch. The system is so fluid, we have gone from being utterly turgid, terrified and clueless to totally absorbing. Every single minute of today's match had more quality, speed and tactical nous in it than anything I saw in 95% of home games last season. I thought we were actually even better today than we were last week and it's only some mediocre finishing and the fantastic Diop that stopped us taking a deserved victory. Overall I am so impressed with what I've seen in the first 180 minutes of the season."
- The Complete Badger

"There is no way of knowing how much of this improvement is Potter and how much is the groundwork laid by Hughton. It takes several years to build a PL squad - Potter come in with significant foundations laid and then spent a lot of money. So far it appears to have worked well - and Potter deserves credit for that - but Brighton really should have thumped West Ham today in the same way they hammered Watford. It looks like West Ham have gone backwards this season. This is not really a surprise - West Ham spent about ?60million - but the striker they paid ?36million for didn't play today - and money counts in the PL. It will be interesting to see how things pan out for the rest of the season."
- Jolly Red Giant

"Enjoyable game. Very enjoyable second half. Isn't it refreshing to see us take full part in the game from the first minute? I feel like we're a proper Premier League team now rather than the plucky underdogs. I felt we did enough to win but can't grumble too much with the point. Lanzini and Antonio caused us plenty of problems but we had a number of really good scoring opportunities. Also, Trossard looks some player. What a signing he'll be if he can maintain/improve on that performance."
- Garry Nelson's Left Foot

"I confess to being anxious in the last 15 minutes, where we could so easily have lost it. Our team hit the wall, knackered after such a vibrant display. Bizarrely the likes of Rice came into their own. Would've been an injustice. I think West Ham will be pretty good. The injured Felipe Anderson is a great creator."
- Weststander

"West Ham already had an established squad with plenty of star names, so just needed to top up. Today's result and performance was fine. West Ham had one of the most talented players in football (Lanzini) who threatened to rip us apart in the first and last 20 minutes, Rice is considered to be the rock of the England side for years to come, their team contained well known 'names'. Hopefully as a true Albion fan, you're having a very happy Saturday night."
- Weststander

"From a neutral's perspective, Brighton pretty much dominated the whole game. West Ham were woeful, really off the pace. Being the first time I've seen both teams play for a full game, consequently it's hard to determine whether they were poor or you made them look that poor. I fear it may have been the latter. Trossard and Burns looked very good."
- Mr Putdown

"Jeez, Antonio should have scored that chance at the end. Should have won that, a bit disappointed, but they could and should have grabbed a winner at the end."
- Raleigh Chopper

"Four points from two games. One point today against a West Ham side that were very motivated to get over last week's thrashing. Without VAR we would have won 2-1. Far more positives than negatives today."
- stewart_weir

"On VAR, just remember that 'it wouldn't have happened last season' is a temporary moan. "It shouldn't have happened ever" is what we've (all) had to deal with in the past. The painful thing is the delay and celebrating a goal which we didn't expect to be ruled out. I do wonder whether maybe the 'clear and obvious' concept should apply in a case like this, or perhaps other tweaks to the offside rule should be implemented. I'm sure these things are being / will be looked at in order to balance fairness with the flow of the game. Early days, but in principle I can't argue that there's anything wrong with applying the rules of the game strictly and for everyone. Part of the solution rests with the players. Watch your run and make sure you stay onside."
- dingodan

"Var is an abomination. It is almost worth getting relegated to the Championship for. I know quite a few people who are re considering whether to go anymore if it stays. It will, has killed the game stone dead. There is no point in celebrating a goal anymore, might as well go an get a pint and come back and see if it has been allowed. It seems to be what we have here are basically traffic wardens sat in a room somewhere DESPERATE to find a reason to give a ticket/disallow a goal. I thought it went to VAR if there was a doubt, not every goal to be pored over with a microscope for a couple of minutes looking for something that happened in the minute leading to the goal. It is utter shite!"
- Uncle Spielberg

"I still think VAR is a good idea to help referees. The game is mega-fast these days and I'm surprised that referees and assistants get it right as often as they do. Accepting that they're human and make errors will never stop fans complaining about wrong decisions particularly if they go against them. But I hate the thrill of a goal being ruined by a VAR decision minutes later. Personally, I think yesterday demonstrates that a) the offside law needs looking at again (maybe others such as handball) as Burn's foot being marginally offside can hardly be said to have gained any real advantage given the next phase of play and b) VAR should not be looking at every goal for possible infractions. I think that should be the referee's call only if he's not sure about some aspect of the goal. Think we'll love it when it goes our way though! Such is a fans lot...."
- Recidivist

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