West Ham esports star involved in race row

  • by Staff Writer
  • Monday, 18th November 2019

One of West Ham United's esports representatives has been banned from competing in a FIFA20 competition by Electronic Arts after threatening a fellow competitor.

Jas Singh, who has been part of West Ham's esports stable since joining the club during the summer has been banned by EA from attending a forthcoming tournament in Bucharest, Romania, after telling another player that he would "fuck him up".

The practising Sikh claimed the comment was made after the competitor - Nawid 'GoalMachine' Zoorzai, who represented Italian club AS Roma - threatened to shave off Singh's beard and head.

"I have been suspended from FUT Champions, which I had qualified for," he said in a video on twitter. "The situation is that another competitor racially insulted me.

"He said things like he'd shave my beard and shave my head. I'm a practising Sikh and that sort of thing isn't a light joke - it's a really racial insult and I took that to heart very angrily.

"I responded to him angrily and said 'if we weren't professionals I'd eff you up' - basically threatening to hurt him. I one hundred per cent regret doing that because in this professional environment you can't threaten to hurt another competitor.

"But I've been racially insulted so I'm going to stand up for myself and defend myself. I'm really disappointed that the conclusion was that we both deserve to be removed from the event - I feel like this is an injustice."

Meanwhile Zoorzai - himself a practising Muslim - has since been dropped by Roma for his part in the online fracas.

"The reason was because of a 'racial' attack against another player in a message in a group chat with a bunch of other FIFA players," wrote 'GoalMachine' in response to his dismissal.

"The supposed 'racial attack' I had on him was clearly not intended the way it's been perceived. I am a Muslim and we are taught to respect everybody and I clearly do, which I'm sure many people can back up."

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