The opposition view: Chelsea

  • by Staff Writer
  • Monday, 2nd December 2019

A little incredulity, a pinch of sarcasm, a heavy does of casual racism and the merest modicum of common sense. Welcome to the latest edition of the OV, live and direct from west London...

"I'm not too surprised by this result. It was a game that didn't sit comfortably with me, following two physical and energy sapping matches in the last week. Seen some reports that Lamps took West Ham lightly, which is complete rubbish IMO. He simply had to use squad options following those games and with three league games in seven days. In some ways it's a defeat that may help us long term. We started the week needing at least seven points from these three games for me. Now we can only get six maximum , but I am confident we can get back on track."
- LeBoeufsGolfBall

"First game of the season we deserved nothing from. If anything, West Ham deserved a second goal whereas we barely worked their 'keeper. Having said that, everyone expected results and performances of similar ilk throughout the season and it's incredible that over a third of the season has passed and now we've seen a performance where we looked completely toothless. I don't think it's a surprise that it's a game where Giroud and Pedro were part of our front three."
- Imran_CFC

"Seventeen years since West Ham last beat us at the Bridge. Hope Frank gives them a rocket. Looked like a team with little will to win when it mattered today."
- Luca Vialli

"James has learnt the hard way that Cresswell's right is used for more than walking. Our defenders should not be allowing their man to cut the ball back into your own box. That is crazy defending. It doesn't matter what foot the attacker is cutting onto. Pros are generally trained to shoot once the 'lane' opens up inside the box regardless of what foot it lands on. In this case we are talking about Cresswell who won't make any Ballon D'or lists, but is otherwise a very good all round left back."
- MikelBlue

"Defending well is not something you could normally say about West Ham. Prior to this game they had conceded nine goals in the last three matches. Think we were so poor today they had it fairly easy. And of course they always lift their game when they play us and Declan Rice likes to play a blinder against the club who released him as a kid. We knew this season was a work in progress and there would be ups and downs - today was most definitely a down."
- Nibs

"We committed no fouls today. That says everything about the intensity in our play today. No fouls in a London derby? Ridiculous. At times we are too soft, especially in the middle. Got bossed by Rice. Days like this I would have wanted RLC and Ampudu. Be interesting how we do in this winter period. Perhaps we need some steel in there during the colder periods."
- chelboy

"We don't have the kind of great squad we want because of the ban, but what we have in this squad is enough for us to be comfortable at second spot on the table. Are we saying that Leicester City's squad is better than our own? Why should Leicester be above us on the table? I don't know why we pamper Lampard this much, we lose a football match and what everybody is saying is that our squad should not have beaten West Ham in the first place. This squad is good enough to win these kind of matches, it's just the coach is not bold enough to bench Jorginho in some matches so that Kante can protect the defence."
- hephzibah

"Pathetic losing to this lot."
- Jezq8

"What today showed is how poor the squad players in the team are. If I was Lamps I would be bringing in people from the academy for Pedro and Giroud. Both look finished this season. Don't have any more legs and can barely move. A lot of our game is about mobility and intensity. The minute he played those two together without Kante and a tired Jorginho it set the tone. West Ham won today simply on energy and intensity. They were first to everything. Tammy, Willian, Kante along with Mount and Kova bring us bundles of energy."
- chelboy

"100% on Frank, that one. Abysmal team selection bordering on insanity. Giroud and Pedro should only be seen again if we're at home to a minnow in the FA Cup. West Ham didn't even have to play that well, an absolute gift from us."
- OfWolfAndBiggs

"This is what happens when your ageing players are dropped for the kids and instead of doubling their efforts they sulk , make 'little Tammy' comments on social media and don't try. Pedro, Giroud, Bats and possibly Willian will be gone day one of the first window we're not banned from buying in. Unfortunately they know this. We need some proper quality and we need numbers. West Ham , bloody hell."
- Mark Kelly

"We deserved a draw, we didn't deserve to lose. The Spammers did nothing other than score. We weren't good but we were better than them. This is a game we should have never lost. And it's the f**king p***ys for gods sake! A draw was fair but we could not score if it went on for three days."

"F**king sh*t west ham fans."
- Kev56

"If we can't beat West Ham because we are missing Abraham, it's a pretty sobering summation of where we are at. I love our football and I love having SFL and JM at the helm but regardless of formations, players availability etc, this is a sh*t result, possibly Franks' worst in charge of us. Fcked up the weekend and sh!t at work now until the next game comes around."
- WhiteWall

"The worst performance of the season, never had the intensity and sharpness to trouble them, I don't recall their GK had a real save to make all game. Starting Pedro was a mistake. Giroud was decent, but clearly lacked match sharpness. Pulisic missed 2-3 big chances, again, maybe he's been over-achieving recently, a bad game was to be expected. The defence for their goal was poor, where was the man tracking the full back? James was in a lose-lose situation there, and no central defenders tried to cover the cut in or shot. I can't help to think Lampard's pre-game comment backfired, judging by how determined the opposition was. We all knew the history, but was it really worthwhile to stir them up?"
- icecoolguy22

"I am gutted, one of my top five hates as a team along with Spurs, Liverpool, Leeds and QPR. Anyway I am still refreshed and optimistic this is a team and manager on a very steep learning curve, performing in general above expectations. We need a top centre forward. I don't think Tammy being fit would have made big difference today even though I think he has huge potential. We still have Rudiger and Lofthouse-Cheek [sic] to come back, add a transfer window we will be up with the best. Until then we will learn as a squad and a young manager. so looking beyond my short term frustration with today and trying to accept these types of set backs, just a shame it was to the p***ys ....... that would have hurt Frank more than anyone."
- andy

"West Ham put a shift in today, throwing themselves at the ball and numbers in defence. Similar game in many ways to the Valencia defeat. We're a top team still and pushed West Ham to the end but our lack of quality up front showed once again against stubborn defending. Got to learn fast as we know what tactics Villa, Lille and Bournemouth will adopt."
- The Chelsea Way

"Hate it when we lose, and to them, when we were really poor."
- erskblue

"Kante's worst match for us by some distance. Same could be said for Lampard in a managerial role. Awful all around. Maybe I'm slightly harsh on Kepa who's had some decent saves especially under recent criticism."
- DannyLB

"Credit to West Ham. They wanted it more and they got what they deserved. Only Kepa gets any credit for me. Couple of good saves, no chance on the goal. All our outfield players were different degrees of poor so don't feel like pointing the finger at just a few of them. All 13 used were crap. And our normal corner kicks situation. How many for us, every one poor and easy to defend. West ham three, every one dangerous. Our defending was laughable as was our all around lethargic play. Terrible subs by Frank as well. Just like Valencia at home performance wise, only less effort."
- axman2526

" If we are truly on a path to a much better and brighter future, with a homegrown team of quality young stars, then i would want us pulling up stumps now and working out why the hell we fcked this up and make sure it doesn't happen again. Pelligrini is a dead man walking, that's how sh!t they are. Before thinking about top four and CL etc, i think we need to have a forensic review of this game. Hopefully the answer is just to drop Giroud and Pedro, again."
- WhiteWall

"Our home support is pathetic at times. Team performance not good but Christ, our support at home really need to improve everywhere in ground. Sorry if I offend anyone but us match-going fans really have to look in the mirror. 3pm KO Saturday, London derby and an atmosphere like that?"
- chi blue

- The Don Antonio

"To be fair he [Giroud] had zero supply, our crosses in to the box were atrocious, The p***ys done there [sic] homework, a minor blip on a good season so far."
- cricklewood blues

"That was a tremendous performance. Just really put a big smile on my face. Also thrilled to see some of the players who haven't played that much come in and really give Lampard something to think about. Giroud was a constant nuisance and Pedro caused West Ham all sorts of problems all day long. Not to mention how well Kova and Jorge played at CM. By the way, did you guys see the robust defending from Zouma in connection to their disallowed goal? Why head it when you can trick the attacker to handle it instead. Simply brilliant! Really one of those stand out performances I'll live to remember for the rest of my life..."
- The_Ghost

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