Fans hold Board culpable in KUMB poll

  • by Staff Writer
  • Friday, 13th December 2019

A KUMB poll to determine who the fan base deems responsible for West Ham United's current perilous position has been concluded.

And an astonishing four in five of those who voted believe that the club's Board - led by majority shareholder David Sullivan - bears the brunt of the blame.

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West Ham, who travel to Southampton for a game that could potentially mark the end of Manuel Pellegrini's reign as manager on Saturday currently lie 16th in the Premier League and just one point above the relegation zone.

And that is depite moving to Stratford some three-and-a-half-years ago, when the fans were told by vice chair Karren Brady that the Board wanted to build "a world class team for a world class stadium".

That has clearly failed to materialise - in both senses, with the stadium still the target of derision from many fans of the club and visiting supporters.

However the level of distrust and lack of faith felt by supporters - as revealed in the results of KUMB's latest poll - should be of huge concern to the Board.

More than 2,000 supporters responded to our survey, carried out over a 48-hour period here on and our social media channels (Facebook and twitter) earlier this week.

And whilst nearly half of those who responded - 47% - held the Board solely to blame for the club's many problems, a further 33% believed that they shared the blame with the management team led by Pellegrini.

Less than one in five who voted - some 19% - believe that Pellegrini and his team are solely to blame for the club's position, whilst just 1% of supporters cite the players and other factors as being responsible.

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We asked fans to respond to the question: "Who do you hold chiefly responsible for WHUFC's current position in the EPL?" The results were as follows:

Final Result

The board (Sullivan, Gold, Brady etc): 47%
The management team (Pellegrini, Cousillas, Husillos etc): 19%
Both, equally: 33%
Neither: 1%

Results varied slightly depending upon the platform:

The board (Sullivan, Gold, Brady etc): 56%
The management team (Pellegrini, Cousillas, Husillos etc): 12%
Both, equally: 31%
Neither: 1%


The board (Sullivan, Gold, Brady etc): 40%
The management team (Pellegrini, Cousillas, Husillos etc): 20%
Both, equally: 38%
Neither: 2%


The board (Sullivan, Gold, Brady etc): 56%
The management team (Pellegrini, Cousillas, Husillos etc): 22%
Both, equally: 21%
Neither: 1%

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