We're doing everything we can, says Gold

  • by Staff Writer
  • Friday, 17th January 2020

Co-owner David Gold says his greatest achievement at West Ham is moving the club to Stratford.

And in a controversial interview with TalkSport, the octogenarian also insisted that promises he made prior to the move shouldn't have been taken at their word.

Gold joined fellow directors Karren Brady and David Sullivan in giving interviews to the media this week ahead of a anti-board demonstration by West Ham fans this Saturday lunchtime.

The lifelong Hammers fan was interviewed by the station's Ian 'Moose' Abrahams for a recorded interview that was broadcast on Thursday afternoon.

And whilst many fans took to the KUMB Forum and social media thereafter to register their disappointment with his views over the London Olympic Stadium, it was his comments regarding promises made prior to the club's relocation that appeared to anger many.

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There's promises and there's promises: Gold spoke out to defend his record as West Ham co-chairman

"I've experienced some highs and I've experienced some lows over the last ten years but that comes with the territory," said Gold. "But after ten years, I'm a bit disappointed that we've not achieved more.

"I still say that the best thing we've done since we've been here is taking our club to the Olympic Stadium."

And when asked if his biggest mistake was telling fans leaving Upton Park would allow the club to "move to the next level", Gold replied: "Those promises are not written in stone. They are our our hopes, our dreams.

"35,000 fans at Upton Park, 60,000 at the Olympic Stadium we've got to do that. That is a promise we can deliver, we know we can deliver that.

"But of course there are promises that we made that were hopeful promises. You can't guarantee that your players aren't going to get injured and therefore you're not going to get into the top half of the table or progress as you hoped.

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"So there are promises that you know you can deliver and there's promises that you hope you can deliver. We shouldn't be lambasted because we failed in some of those promises.

"Those promises still exist - we promised to do our absolute best that we can. I feel that every day we're doing the best, we're not leaving stones unturned and we're doing everything we can to continually improve this football club.

"The aim remains - and that is to challenge at the very top of football. It's happening, but it is going to happen overnight? Clearly not and I feel that's where we've let the fans down.

"We should've made it clear that these were our hopes and dreams and not promises that were written in stone. But we're going to do everything in our power to try and achieve those things."

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