Gold attacks 'belligerent' West Ham fans

  • by Staff Writer
  • Friday, 7th February 2020

David Gold has been accused of being economical with the truth after implying that he has not benefited financially since taking control of West Ham.

It was recently revealed that Gold and partner David Sullivan have accumulated in the region of £18million in interest payments from their personal loans to the club since 2010 - including, according to the latest club accounts, a sum of £3.9million in the year to May 2019.

Yet Gold, speaking in the wake of a Premier League meeting on Thursday told reporters that he had taken no wages from the club - while overlooking the millions he and his partner have wrung from the club's coffers via interest payments over the course of the last ten years.

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Coming out fighting: David Gold

"I've not received a penny in salary or expenses from West Ham in 10 years," bleated Gold. "I know of owners or chief executives that are earning £3million a year, and more.

"Do I look like I'm in it for profit? I'm the kid who used to bunk in at West Ham. I grew up with a life of poverty as a young boy."

The octogenarian has recently been urged to close his twitter account after making a series of gaffes - including liking a tweet which referred to West Ham fans as "morons".

And he continued his assault on the club's supporters when he likened the recent attack on the home of Manchester United's Ed Woodward with last month's peaceful protest against himself, David Sullivan and vice chair Karren Brady.

"I know exactly what Ed's experienced," claimed Gold, who has never previously referred to any form of attack against him or his property.

"We had this the other day. It starts out with belligerents but then it gets up to 800 because people stop and listen," he said. "They're not belligerents."

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In it for the money? Definitely not, insists the current co-chairman

Meanwhile Gold also defended the club's move to Stratford, which he once suggested would give West Ham the opportunity to "be in a stadium... competing with Manchester United and Manchester City".

"We've now got a stadium which holds 60,000 from one which held 35,000," he said. "We do understand that there have been difficulties with the stadium, but you've only got to go back and look at what you had at West Ham.

"When I was a boy as a fan, all my young life it was in the old second division. At least it's in the Premier League now. OK, we've got a few problems now, but overall we're moving upwards."

In the ten years Gold and Sullivan have been in charge of West Ham, the club have finished above tenth place just once - and that being when the club was still at Upton Park.

In the ten years prior to their arrival, under Terry Brown and the Icelandic consortium, West Ham achieved the same feat on three occasions.

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Gold pictured with Hammers legend Tony Cottee

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